Article, Spring 2011 - Ohlone College Renegades Women's Water Polo

Joe Martinez, Assistant Coach for both the Men's and Women's Water Polo teams at Ohlone College, suddenly passed away on Monday, April 11, 2011, at the age of 28-the day before this Tri-City Voice interview was published.

Renegades water polo excelling

By Sanjna Shukla.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011-Reprinted from Tri-City Voice.

Ohlone College Lady Renegades women's water polo team has been a standout team in this area as they have competed in various state and national tournaments. The Renegades had many successful tournament runs, and are hoping to continue to climb the ladder on a national scale. While regular season play is held in the fall season, Ohlone takes part in a number of tournaments to gear up for Coast Conference play. TCV had the opportunity to talk to head coach Joseph Martinez about his expectations for the upcoming season.

TCV: How long have you been coaching?

Martinez: I have been coaching water polo for 10 years. I have coached at many levels. Some of which include 14-under boys club, high school boys and girls, high school girls club, assistant coach for two different junior college men teams and also one assistant women's junior college team. I have currently been with the Ohlone Renegades water polo team for the past seven years.

TCV: What tournaments did your team partake in this off-season, and how did you fare in them?

Martinez: This past August our team competed in the National Junior Olympics. Only 48 teams qualify for the tournament in our given age group and we placed in the top half at 23rd place. This ranking was the best in our clubs history. We are currently competing in the Northern tryouts for Cal Cup, which is the California State Championships. The top seven teams from San Jose up to Sacramento make the Championships against the Southern California qualifiers in a tournament in June.

TCV: What are some of the major accomplishments as far as records in tournaments are concerned?

Martinez: At the National Junior Olympics our record was 3-5. We had two, one-goal losses towards the end of our tournament which were tough to swallow but we played extremely well. Right now we are half way through the Cal Cup qualifying and our record is 4-2. We have two weekends of play remaining and are in a great position to be in the top seven.

TCV: What has been the primary focus of the team this off-season?

Martinez: Right now our concentration is on Cal Cup qualifying. We are doing well as we come close to the finish. The next season is summer and I am really excited for our team. We have the chance to be playing in the state championships, Junior Olympics and possibly club championships. Making these tournaments would give us the ability to test ourselves against the other top programs in the country which is always our goal. We want to play the best teams whenever possible.

TCV: What are the team's greatest strengths?

Martinez: Our team's greatest strength is our depth and our size. We have the ability to match up with most teams because we have good size and speed. We also have the ability to substitute often and still have the type of players in that will give us advantages in the pool.

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