Jonathan Wallace Memorial Basketball Tournament

Jonathan Wallace graduated from Ohlone College in May 2004. He would have transferred to Adams State College on a basketball scholarship.

The 2016 Jonathan Wallace Memorial Basketball Tournament will be held:

  • Friday - Sunday, November 11-13, 2016
  • Epler Gymnasium, Room 9202, Building 9, second floor, Ohlone College, Fremont campus (Fremont Campus Map)
  • Tickets:
    • $10 Adults
    • $7 Students
    • $5 Kids under 12 and Seniors
    • Free for Ohlone students with current student ID card
    • Free for Ohlone employees
  • Event Parking: $4

The Jonathan Wallace Memorial Basketball Tournament honors a former Renegade, Jonathan Christian Wallace (1985-2004), who played at Ohlone from 2002-2004. Jonathan was an honors student, and an active contributor to our campus community, who was killed tragically in a car wreck two weeks before enrolling at Adams State College on a basketball scholarship.

A portion of the proceeds from the Tournament go to the Ohlone College Jonathan Wallace Memorial Scholarship Fund, established by his parents shortly after his passing.

Download the Entry Information for the 14th Jonathan Wallace Memorial Tournament (PDF).

Tournament Schedule

  • Thursday, November 11
    • Game 1: 3:00 PM Canyons (away/dark) versus Contra Costa (Home/Light)
    • Game 2: 5:00 PM Modesto (away/dark) versus Canada (Home/light)
    • Game 3: 7:00 PM Ventura (away/dark) versus Ohlone (Home/light)
  • Saturday, November 12
    • Game 4: 3:00 PM Contra Costa (away/dark) versus Modesto (Home/light)
    • Game 5: 5:00 PM Canada (away/dark) versus Ventura (Home/light)
    • Game 6: 7:00 PM Ohlone (away/dark) versus Canyons (Home/light)
  • Sunday, November 13
    • Game 7: 11 :00 AM Canyons (away/dark) versus Canada (home/light)
    • Game 8: 1 :00 PM Ventura (away/dark) versus Contra Costa (Home/light)
    • Game 9: 3:00 PM Modesto (away/dark) versus Ohlone (Home/light)

Download the Tournament Schedule (PDF).

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