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Student working onlineOFK Online is the newest program from Ohlone for Kids. We've spent hundreds of hours planning, redesigning our curriculum, and prepping our digital classrooms to bring you the first comprehensive, fully online summer camp program in the Bay Area featuring live instruction for kids and teens in grades 4 and up!

Student safety is our #1 concern at Ohlone for Kids. In accordance with state education officials and CDC guidelines, we felt that the best way to ensure the health and safety of our students was to conduct our classes online. We've partnered with the college to put together a program to deliver a program that brings the fun classes and quality instructors you expect from OFK into the safety of your living room.

What makes OFK Online different?


Device Requirements

All students must have an internet-connected device with which to access classes. We recommend a laptop running Windows 7 or later, or Mac OS 10.12 or later, but for most classes a Chromebook or tablet running Android or iOS may suffice. All devices must have a camera for class participation.  Check class listings for additional hardware/software requirements.

Tutorials for how to access classes will soon be posted on our website.

OFK is unable to provide technical support for user devices.

How Do I Register?

Parents can enroll their children in OFK Online classes the same way they enroll for any of our classes.

Once a student registers for a class, an account will be created for them on Ohlone College's Canvas website. This account uses the same email address listed on the child's profile on our registration website. If you have more than one child and they are taking the same class, please make sure they have different email addresses listed on their profile.


Can I find out more about a specific class?

Our registration website will contain links to class syllabi, which will contain more information about class schedules and requirements. Please be patient if the class you want doesn't have this yet -- we're working to move things online as quickly as we can.

Do I need to supervise my child's classes?

Direct supervision of class activities is generally not required, though may be encouraged for some class sessions (esp. engineering and science classes). Because OFK classes are for children, parents should not directly participate in them. Parents may observe online classes, but must not interfere with classroom instruction.
OFK cannot control and has very limited ability to supervise what your child does on their computer or outside the view of the camera. Parents must therefore be ultimately responsible for the conduct of their child in the online classroom, on their devices, and in the home environment.

I've heard some things about Zoom being unsafe? How will you protect my child's classes?

Zoom has been rapidly developing new security features to help protect the privacy of meetings. Every class will have a unique meeting ID, and those IDs will never be shared publicly -- they are only accessible through the canvas classroom, which is only accessible by students enrolled in the course. Instructors will be trained in how to use the "waiting room" feature, which will prevent unknown persons from entering the classroom without the teacher's authorization. OFK staff will periodically check in on classrooms to make sure they are following these guidelines.

I registered for a class that has changed to online. That doesn't work for me. Can I get a refund?

We know the online classroom doesn't work for everyone. Some of you may have lost jobs during this crisis, and money is tight. Some of the more fortunate of you were counting on our program to watch your kids while you go to work. That's okay. There's no way we can recreate 100% of the OFK experience online, and this change means that we're not able to offer exactly what you signed up for. That's why we're offering full refunds* and waiving transfer fees for any registrations for Summer 2020 OFK classes made before May 31, 2020. Whatever your reason, if you need to cancel your classes, or need to rearrange your child's schedule, email us at ofk@ohlone.edu and we'll take care of it.
*Refund offer applies for Summer 2020 only.