Free Career Search Services for Former Solyndra Employees and Suppliers

January 10, 2013
Office of College Advancement
Ohlone College

Fremont, CA-After the 2011 closure and bankruptcy of Solyndra, the former Fremont-based manufacturer of cylindrical solar panels, approximately 1,100 workers were immediately laid-off. In addition, a large number of Solyndra's suppliers were affected by the abrupt suspension of business, leaving another wave of workers in the unemployment lines. The Tri-Cities One-Stop Career Center at Ohlone College in Newark is working with these job seekers to prepare them for success in the new landscape of the competitive job market of the 21st Century.

To facilitate in the transition process career counselors at the Tri-Cities One-Stop Center are specifically assigned to offer former Solyndra employees no-cost career services that are available online, by phone, and in person. They continually reach out to former Solyndra employees and supplier employees, many of who are just learning about the free services available exclusively to them.

"We teach job search strategies that work in the new employment market, such as how to get recruiters to connect you to their hiring managers. We give career coaching, offer powerful resume writing assistance, and targeted recruitment and networking opportunities," said Erica Golden, MA, SPHR, a career consultant at the One-Stop Center.

Former job seekers Shaan Kannappan and Jamie Giedinhagen have had success working with the Tri-Cities One-Stop Career Center. Kannappan, a global program manager remarked, "The Ohlone One-Stop has a team of excellent, qualified, and helpful professionals who are of immense help, [providing] support for job seekers in the 21st Century. Using their resources produces desirable results."

Giedinghagen adds, "Right before I landed my current role as an associate product manager at Cisco, I met multiple people seeking employment at networking events and gave out the Tri-Cities One-Stop business cards. The One-Stop helped me so much. I wanted to pass the information on to as many people as I could who were in similar situations."

The free services focus on career success through online or on-site resume writing, LinkedIn and social networking training, access to on-the job, no-cost online education programs, job leads, employer panels, and Solyndra-exclusive accelerated networking groups.

Career success services are available to any former Solyndra employee or supplier who was affected by the facility closure and the resulting layoffs. To access the services, email Gina Riccitelli or Erica Golden to set up an appointment. At the appointment, complete your application and discuss your career goals and objectives. Once enrolled you can begin to receive the free services, and take advantage of the upcoming 21st Century World of Work Employer Panel on January 25, Noon-2pm, at the Ohlone College Newark Center.

For more information contact Gina Riccitelli at [ View Press Releases Index. ]

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