Ohlone College Onboarding Steps

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Below you will find detailed steps for the Onboarding process.  Please select the category that best describes your school history to learn about your next steps.


Choose the type of student you are to learn more about how to apply to Ohlone:



Call us at 510-659-6110 or email us at newstudent@ohlone.edu


Who Can I Contact With Questions about Onboarding?

Please email a Student Success Coordinator at newstudent@ohlone.edu with any questions.

How Long Does the Onboarding Process Take?

The total time to complete the Onboarding process can vary.  On average, a new student can complete the process in less than a week.  The process may be extended depending on additional documents that may need to be submitted.

Am I Exempt From Orientation?

Only first time college students are required to complete the Orientation portion of the Onboarding process. You are exempt if you indicate on your application:

  • Have completed college coursework, AFTER graduating high school
  • Are enrolled in K-12 while taking Ohlone College classes
  • Are only enrolling for summer session
  • Not planning to earn a certificate, degree, or transfer from Ohlone College

You will need to submit an Orientation Exemption request if you meet any of the criteria.

Please review the Ohlone Academic Calendar for a full list of important dates and deadlines.