Ohlone College Orientation

Ohlone College offers students opportunities to participate in Orientation.  Orientation is an important part of the Onboarding process, as students have the opportunity to engage with faculty and staff, receive support in selecting first semester classes, and gain valuable information about Ohlone resources.

Counseling and Registration (CAR) Session

Counseling and Registration (CAR) Sessions are offered prior to Fall and Spring semesters for first year students who are new to college.  Students can register for a CAR session from the list of scheduled sessions.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Orientation

English as a Second Language (ESL) Orientation sessions are offered to students who identify as ESL students and are planning on taking ESL courses at Ohlone College.  Students can register for an ESL Orientation from the list of scheduled sessions.

Freshman Day

Freshman Day is an early registration orientation for first year students.  Students who attend a Freshman Day will be able to register for classes prior to official open registration date.  Students will interact with faculty and staff, and receive support from counselors in selecting and registering for first semester classes.

Welcome Day

Welcome Day is an opportunity for new students to engage in an interactive and informative experience.  Students will attend workshops and activities to help create a smooth transition to college.  Welcome Day is one of our Personal Development courses and students will earn 0.5 units for attending.

Questions?  Please email counselingsupport@ohlone.edu