Ohlone College is the BEST place for International students to begin their studies

We provide the foundation they need to succeed!

Online International Program Fall 2021 

Designed specifically for first semester international students who are in their home countries!


Online International Student Application deadline for Fall Semester is August 15! 

Please apply as soon as possible to ensure an enrollment spot in the program!

Questions? Contact Us.

Students from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau Contact:

Yao Zhao
China Admissions Specialist (located in Beijing)
+86 135-5277-9918

Students from all other countries contact:

Kristi Radke
Director, International Programs & Services

(510) 659-6534
Room 7217, Building 7, 2nd floor, Fremont campus


Here are a few reasons why Ohlone is great for international students: 

First 2 years of Bachelors Degree

2 years at Ohlone College + 2 years at university = Bachelor's degree.  Ohlone provides the academic foundation you need to succeed in the U.S. Higher Education system.

High Quality, Low Cost

We have experienced and dedicated instructors with small class sizes. Tuition and fees at Ohlone are up to 80% less than University of California schools and up to 60% less than California State Universities...that's a lot of savings!  

Transfer Admission Guarantees

Ohlone has agreements with University of California (UC) schools to automatically accept our International Students if they meet certain criteria.  We also have transfer pathways to California State Universities (CSU) that make transferring simple. TAG agreements include: UC Davis, UC Irvine, UC Merced, UC Riverside, UC Santa Barbara and UC Santa Cruz 

Strong Student Support

We have amazing academic counselors that assist students in achieving their goals!  Counselors will develop an education plan with students in the first semester to help keep them on track for transfer or degree completion.

English Language Institute (ELI)

We have an intensive English language program for students who do not have TOEFL scores.  We help students build their English skills so they can begin their academic studies with confidence!

Campus Life

Ohlone has many opportunities for International Students to participate in campus activities.  We have student clubs, sports, and Student Government.  Ohlone also offers free tutoring centers for all students!

Student Testimonials

Kevin Zheng, China
UCLA, Business Economics

As an international student who had poor English foundation, Ohlone really helped me fit into the new environment. The mentor program has let me meet one of my most important friends in my life, who is a faculty member of the school. He has showed me so many aspects of the American life and has played a key role in helping me adapt to the western culture.

I came to the U.S. with many goals, goals beyond a college degree. California is a diverse state, and that reflects on my daily life in Ohlone. I’ve met friends coming from different parts of the world and gotten to experience many things outside the classroom, such as clubs and student government. I’ve known almost all the counselors; they are more like friends than school faculty to me and I had so much fun working with them. Even later, after I transferred to UCLA, I would often come back to visit Ohlone and its lovely Community.”

Eisqil Hazamuddin, Malaysia
University of Michigan, Engineering

Ohlone College has helped me a lot in terms of my education. All of my instructors and classmates are approachable and helpful in making everything I learned in my classes more understandable which lead to my successful grades. Other than that, Ohlone College also assisted me in my self-growth. The people here are very welcoming, friendly and never hesitate to help me with any problem that I encountered especially people in International Programs and Services and Counseling Department. The skills that I developed in Ohlone College have helped me in transferring to University of Michigan easily. Ohlone College has made my first experience abroad in the states more valuable and remarkable.

Rong Huang, China
UC Berkeley, Computer Science

Studying at Ohlone College was one of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had! At Ohlone, not only have I gained a lot of knowledge from various interesting and challenging courses, but also I have learned incredible lessons for life. Advisors and professors always try to discover the full potential of me and teach me how to become a better person. As an international student who lives far away from home and family, Ohlone really made me feel welcomed and loved. Thanks Ohlone for inspiring me and challenging me to achieve who I am today!

Annie Supyae
UC Berkeley, Architecture

Making the decision to attend Ohlone College was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Before I came to the US, I did not think much about community college, nor thought that I would have a great time there. I just told myself to get over those 2 years as quickly as possible and transfer to a university. However, I would not have imagined going straight to university instead of going to Ohlone College as my stepping stone. Ohlone College was a great transition from my life in Yangon to the US. One great thing I loved about community college was the student to teacher ratio. In community college, we have small classes of roughly around 20 to 30 students per class, which means that the teachers can give more attentions to the students. If that is not enough, there are also tutors and teacher’s assistants for students who need more help. When I came to the US, I le" everything behind-- my family, friends and the familiar environment. But the international students community in Ohlone College kept me company my entire college years. Joining the international students club not only made me happier, it also made me improve my leadership, team-building and communication skills. Thanks to my professors pushing me to work harder, and my counselor for keeping me and my classes on track, I got into my dream university, University of California Berkeley with an architecture major. I am now a!ending my last year in UC Berkeley. I would recommend anyone that ask for my advice to choose Ohlone College as their transition towards University.