Viewing Online Streaming Video (Webcasts) on

Ohlone College offers online streaming video (referred to as webcasts) of World Forum events, as well as other events.

These webcasts are produced by the Ohlone College Broadcasting: Film, Television, and Video Department. Many are Windows Media Video (WMV) files hosted at If you have problems with the video feed, please contact Arnie Loleng, Video System Engineer, at (510) 979-7968.

Requirements to View WMV Online Streaming Video Files

Your computer must have browser plugin or other software installed and enabled that can play WMV (Windows Media Video) files. Suggestions:

Live Event Links

There are 2 links for live streaming video webcasts. The appropriate link for each live webcast is posted on the related web page. However, errors do occur. If one link does not work, please try the other.


Accessibility of Live and Archived Video

As of January 2010, speeches by the College President and some other live webcast events include a picture-in-picture feature showing Ohlone ASL interpreters.

Live video webcasts and their archived versions are not captioned and transcripts are not available.