Oracle OCP-DBA Certification Preparation - Network Technology and Systems Administration (NTSA) Department

Oracle 10g Certified Associate logo.Oracle DBAs manage the industry's most advanced information systems and command some of the highest salaries. This credential is your first step toward success as an Oracle professional, and demonstrates your firm foundation in the basic administration of Oracle Database 10g. The Oracle Database 10g OCP credential demonstrates your expertise with Oracle Database 10g, the industry's first relational database designed for grid computing. This advanced certification indicates to the marketplace that you know how to configure an Oracle database for multilingual applications, use various methods of recovering and tuning the database, and use database technologies such as Resource Manager, Scheduler, and Automatic Storage Management (ASM). The marketplace knows an Oracle Database 10g OCP can manage the most advanced information systems for large enterprises, small and midsize businesses, and departments.

Recommended Ohlone Courses, Length, Units, and Sequence
Semester Course Length Units
Semester One CNET-137 Introduction to SQL 16 weeks 4
CNET-135 Database Fundamentals I 16 weeks 4
Semester Two CNET-138 PL/SQL Programming 16 weeks 4
CNET-136 Database Fundamentals II 16 weeks 4

Why Become an Oracle Certified Professional?

The demand for professionals in information technology (IT) is high, and the competition for jobs is intense. Individuals, experienced or new to the profession, need to know what skills make them attractive to employers. Employers look for ways to distinguish employees and prospective employees who have the solid foundation of skills needed for effective performance.

The Oracle Certification Program helps the IT industry make these distinctions by establishing a standard of competence in specific job roles. An Oracle Technical Certification is a valuable, industry-recognized credential that signifies a proven level of knowledge and skill.

Clear benefits For Today's IT Professionals

The Oracle Certification Program can give you a distinct advantage. An Oracle Certification demonstrates that you have a solid understanding of a job role and the Oracle products used in that role. Being an Oracle Certified Professional can help raise your visibility and increase your access to the industry's most challenging opportunities.

Review academic requirements in the Catalog and in the Curriculum Guides. All students are encouraged to meet with a counselor to review academic program requirements and discuss their long-range academic plan.

For more information, contact:

Lesley Buehler
Dean, Business, Technology, and Career Technical Education Division

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