Counseling and Registration (CAR) Sessions

Our CAR sessions have concluded for this semester. If you were unable to attend a session, YOU ARE STILL ABLE TO REGISTER FOR CLASSES.

Please Follow these steps if you were not able to attend a CAR session:

  1. Review the CAR presentation (click here): We covered a lot of valuable resources that we want you to be aware of as you start Ohlone.
  2. Watch the Web Advisor Walkthrough: Please watch this video of how to register for classes. But wait, I thought I had to attend the CAR session to register? No. You can still register for classes although we do share important information about how to be successful at Ohlone, you can register for classes now even if your "Registration Readiness Dashboard" may indicate a hold for a CAR session. The Student Success Video Resources site also has other great videos to help you get started! Be sure to check them out!
  3. Register for you math/English, PD and Courses Without Prerequisites: Our counselors created an initial student education plan (SEP) for our students at the session. This is an outline of the first semester classes. All new students are required to take the self-placement module for math and English courses. These are great courses to register for now (please note, the results take up to 24 business hours to be processed before you can register). You can also add courses that do not require prerequisites and that meets a general education requirement (such as SOC 101). We recommend you register for a Professional Development course (PD) as your 4th class.
  4. Meet with a Counselor: All students with and Ohlone ID can meet with a counselor by adding your name to the drop-in waitlist (please call 510-659-6110 to be added). This will give you a 15-minute session with the next available counselor. Be sure you add your phone number and answer the call to not miss your spot. This appointment is a great place to ask about additional classes to take for your first semester, clear any prerequisites, and make sure you are registered for the correct math/English courses.
  5. Questions: Our Peer Advisors are available Monday-Thursday from 10AM-2PM in the VIP Zoom room. They can assist with how to register for classes and answer most general questions.

We hope this helps you get started at Ohlone and wish you the best. Should you have any questions, feel free to email

If you are exempt from orientation and placement and would like some assistance in selecting your classes, please contact the counseling department.