New Student Onboarding Process

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Complete and submit the Ohlone application.

In 2-3 days you will receive an email from Ohlone with your Ohlone Student ID.  Take note of this id number and refer back to this orientation process to proceed with next steps.

  1. Using your Ohlone student ID, create your WebAdvisor account.
  2. Synchronize Your Ohlone Accounts
    • Start HERE
    • Click on “Manage Your Account.”
    • Click on “Synchronize Your Account.”
    • Log in with your Ohlone username and password.  This is the same information that you used to create your WebAdvisor account.

WebAdvisor will be used for several tasks including:

  • Accessing your Ohlone student email
  • Complete Orientation and Placement Module
  • Register for classes
  1. Log into WebAdvisor.
  2. Click on the “Students” tab.
  3. Under Registration, click on “START HERE: Orientation & Placement.”

Orientation Exemptions

Only first time Ohlone "non-exempt" students are required to complete orientation.  Please review the orientation exemptions to see if you qualify. Students taking Summer classes ONLY are excluded from orientation.

Dual Enrollment students are REQUIRED to complete the Orientation Module as part of the Onboarding process.  Please see Dual Enrollment for more information.

  1. After completing the Orientation and Placement Module, you will be automatically directed to complete the self-guided Math and English module.
  2. Review Your Placement
    • Log into WebAdvisor.
    • Click on the "Students" tab.
    • Under Academic Profile, click on “Placement Summary.”

Allow some time after completing the Math and English Placement for your results to populate.

Dual Enrollment students are REQUIRED to complete the Self Guided Math and English Placement as part of the Onboarding process.  Please see Dual Enrollment for more information.

What information is covered in an Counseling and Registration (CAR) Session?

  • Receive group advising for first semester classes with a counselor
  • Overview of student services, including Counseling and Special Programs
  • Academic Standards
  • Time Management skills
  • Overview of Certificate, Degree, and Transfer information
  • Financial Aid and Scholarship resources
  • Review of Academic Calendar

Register for a CAR Session HERE!

GRADUATING HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS: you may register for a Freshman Day session in place of a CAR session to meet this requirement. Please note, these sessions are open to graduating high school seniors only.

Apply for Financial Aid

Complete and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Ohlone Student Email

Please be aware that ALL Ohlone communication will be sent to your Ohlone Student email. You are responsible for regularly checking your Ohlone Student email.

Setup Your Ohlone Student Email

Forward Emails from Your Ohlone Email to Personal Email