New Student Orientation Overview

Two female students walking by Hyman Hall on Ohlone's Fremont campus.

Who Is Required to Complete Orientation?

Orientation is not required for Summer enrollment.

All new students are required to complete orientation prior to registering for Fall or Spring Semesters, except those who meet one of these exemption criteria:

  1. Have earned a college degree (associate degree or higher)
  2. Are enrolled in K-12 while taking Ohlone College courses
  3. Are enrolling solely to take a course legally mandated for employment or necessary to meet changed industry or licensure standards
  4. Are enrolling for a reason other than career development or advancement, transfer, earning a degree or certificate, or completing a Basic Skills or ESL course sequence
  5. Are enrolling only in Summer classes

Students in Category 1 or 2 are automatically exempted.

Students who believe they qualify under Category 3 or 4 may submit a 'Request an Orientation Exemption' form from the dropdown below.

Request an Orientation Exemption

Please complete and submit the form below if you believe that you qualify for an exemption from the orientation requirement.  You must have an Ohlone Student ID Number.
If you do not have a Student ID Number, you may apply to Ohlone College free of charge - see How to Enroll for information.


What Information is Provided at Orientation?

  • One-on-one advising with an Ohlone College counselor
  • Associate degree and transfer requirements
  • Creation of an individual class schedule and registration for classes
  • Ohlone resources and services
  • Study skills and other strategies for college success
  • Math and English placement results
  • Students rights and responsibilities

Download the New Student Handbook (PDF).

Male and female students near the Newark Center's garden.

New Student Orientation Options

In-Person Orientation

  • Please check the In Person Orientation Schedule and reserve a seat for the date you want to attend.
  • Students are required to arrive on time for orientations and plan to attend the entire 3-hour session, during which students will meet with a counselor and register for classes.
  • Plan on arriving to campus 15 minutes before your Orientation is scheduled to start, to factor in parking and walking time. Familiarize yourself with our campus using our campus maps.

Combo Orientations

  • Combines New Student Orientation with English and Math placement testing.
  • Please check the Combo Orientation Schedule and reserve a seat for the date you want to attend.
  • After placement testing, Counselors will be at the orientation to help students select their classes.
  • Allow approximately 4 hours to attend the session in its entirety. Bring bottled water and a snack to enjoy between components.
  • Combo Orientations are not offered for late-start orientations.

Online Orientation

The Online Orientation is designed for students who cannot attend an in-person orientation and will include counseling and course advisement. Please keep in mind that it may take up to 7 working days to complete the orientation and be cleared to register for courses. Online Orientation login instructions.

Please note that the online orientation schedule follows the in-person schedule, and is only offered during new student registration periods.

Orientation for New ESL Students

  • These Orientations are combined with the ESL placement testing. Please refer to the ESL Placement Testing website for additional ESL Orientation information.
  • Please refer to the ESL Placement Testing website for additional ESL Orientation information and to sign-up for an ESL testing and orientation session.
  • ESL Orientation is for students who need to enroll in an ESL class.
  • Important Reminders for International (F-1) Students.

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