Out of the Darkness Campus Walk in Memory of Stewart Dawson - Student Health Center

Out of the Darkness Campus Walks - American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Thank you for your participation!

More than 100 faculty, staff, students, and community members participated in the walk, which raised almost $2,500. The proceeds surpassed the initial fundraising goal of $1,000.

I want to thank the whole health center staff for all their hard work. It was an amazing adventure. Thanks to all who volunteered, walked, just hung out in the Quad and shared stories. Our largest donation came from Nick Ford's family who got to lead the walk.

The Ohlone family should be very very proud of themselves. I know that Stew would be as will his family.

-Sally Bratton, Director, Ohlone College Student Health Center

Stewart Dawson in his Campus Police uniform on the grounds of the Ohlone College Fremont campus.The first Out of the Darkness Campus Walk for Stewart Dawson is Tuesday, April 19, 2011 at the Fremont campus.

Stewart was a much loved member of the Ohlone Community College District campus family and worked for Ohlone as a security guard in Campus Police Services. He took his life December 28, 2010.

The Walk is an opportunity for all to honor him and to honor and remember others who have been lost due to suicide.

There is no charge to participate in the walk but we have set a goal of raising $1,000 to help support American Foundation for Suicide Prevention who is assisting us with this effort. Once you have registered you will have your own personal fundraising page to help you with your fundraising efforts as well as watch your progress!

  • 2.3% of Ohlone students have attempted suicide

  • Over 12% of Ohlone students received a lower grade on exam, lower grade in course or dropped a course due to depression

  • 25% of students have received mental health services from a mental health counselor

  • 8% of Ohlone students were diagnosed within the previous 12 months with depression

  • 21% of Ohlone students have considered suicide, 5.5% within the previous 12 months

(Source: Ohlone College National College Health Assessment Survey March 2010.)

Half of the money will go to the national office for research and education, and the other half stays at the local chapter which will then fund our health center for the Interactive Screening Program we will implement in the fall. Ohlone College will be the first community college in the nation to utilize this program. It has been in many four-year schools since 2001 and has been very very successful in identifying college students at risk for suicide and getting them into effective counseling programs.

Those who raise $100 will get a honorary T-Shirt. Please consider walking in teams if you would like and maybe even competing as clubs, departments, etc.

Sponsored by AFSP (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention), the Ohlone College Student Health Center and ASOC. This is such a worthy organization that has chapters all over the United States that do education for prevention, intervention for those considering suicide and supporting survivors. Most of the volunteers for the organization have lost someone to suicide.

The schedule for the walk is as follows:

  • 11:00am - On-site registration in the Quad for those who have not already registered
  • 11:45am - Opening remarks
  • 12:00pm - Walk begins in the Quad (walk will include the circumference of the campus down to Mission Boulevard and up around the fire gates)
  • 1:00pm - Closing ceremony followed by refreshments.

Dr. Browning and Human Resources have generously given release time for all those who want to participate.

If you can't participate by walking, please consider volunteering to help at the event by registering and then signing up as a volunteer.

This should be a very exciting time to convene and pay our respect to Stewart and all others whom we have lost to suicide.

If you have questions, please contact Sally Bratton at sbratton@ohlone.edu.

About Stewart Dawson

Stewart Dawson in his Campus Police uniform in front of the USA flag.Stewart Dawson was a campus security guard at Ohlone College for six years. He also attended Ohlone College where he completed an Associate's degree in Administration of Justice. Sadly, Stewart took his own life on December 28, 2010.

Stewart enjoyed every part of his job, especially being of service to the many students, faculty, and staff members he loved getting to know.

A nature enthusiast, he took amazing photos of the animal life at Ohlone and incorporated them into creative and informative online messages for the Ohlone College community to read and enjoy. As a result, he was given the First Annual Environmental Awareness Award granted by the Environmental Studies Department, an award he was most proud of.

Stewart is survived by family and friends and is remembered as a funny, caring, and smart animal lover.