Outline of Plans - Planning and Program Review - Ohlone College President's Office

The Outline of Plans shows how the Ohlone College strategic goals and objectives include our various externally required plans. Planning processes align the content of our objectives with these plans.

Values related to Goals 1-3

  • We provide life long learning opportunities for students, college personnel and the community

Goal 1 Realize the Learning College Model through innovative programs and services that improve student learning and achievement.

Goal 2 Support the economic vitality of the community through educational programs and services that respond to identified employment needs.

Goal 3 Realize the Learning College Model through effective, continuous, needs-based learning and professional development opportunities for all District personnel.

Goals 4-5

Values related to Goals 4-5

  • We demonstrate stewardship for our human, financial, physical and environmental resources.

Goal 4 Use human, fiscal, technological, and physical resources effectively and efficiently to maximize student learning and achievement.

Goal 5 Lead the community in environmental sustainability

Values related to Goals 6-7

  • We open access to higher education and actively reach out to underserved populations
  • We promote diversity and inclusiveness
  • We promote value in aesthetics (proposed)

Goal 6 Increase college-wide appreciation for and understanding of diverse people, cultures, and perspectives.

Goal 7 Increase access to higher education of underserved demographic groups in the District.

Values related to Goal 8

  • We practice innovation and actively encourage risk-taking and entrepreneurship
  • We maintain high standards in our constant pursuit of excellence
  • We value trust, respect and integrity
  • We promote team work and open communication

Goal 8 Engage all members of the college community in active, continual institutional improvement.

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