Q. When are time sheets and absence reports due?

A. They should be turned in to your supervisor on your last working day of the month. Supervisors/managers must forward to Payroll on the first working day of the following month. The Absense Report Form is available on the Payroll Forms page.

Q. How can I change my Federal and State tax withholding form (Federal W4 form and State DE4 form)?

A. Both forms are available on the Payroll Forms page, in the Mailroom, and from Human Resources and Payroll. Complete the form and forward to Payroll.

Q. What if I think there is an error in my payroll?

A. Call Payroll immediately so we can review it for you. We want your payroll to be correct and should an error occur, correct it quickly

Q. What is my vacation and/or sick leave balance?

A. Vacation and sick leave balances are shown on your pay check or advice. The balance shown does not include any time taken for the current month. Example when a paycheck is received on July 31, the vacation and sick leave balance will not include any time taken during July. Anytime taken during July would need to be subtracted from the balance shown on the pay check or advice.

Q. I worked overtime. When will I be paid for it?

A. If the time sheet is received in Payroll timely, the overtime will be paid in the next scheduled pay.

Q. How do I talk to a payroll team member in person?

A. Payroll has dedicated service hours on payday and the day following for walk-in customers and telephone calls. We are located in Building 4, second floor, Fremont campus.