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WebAdvisor is an interactive Web application that enables Web users to view their individual information contained in your institution's Colleague databases. WebAdvisor consists of the forms and supporting infrastructure that enable you to extract and deliver information from the database to Web users' desktop browsers.

Logging In

Navigate to Located in the top green bar under "Online Services" dropdown menu of the Ohlone homepage is a link to WebAdvisor, see below.

Screenshot: WebAdvisor link.

From the menu system at either the top or bottom of the page select "Log In." Here you enter your Datatel User ID and Password. If you do not know your Datatel login you can find the link on the bottom of the first webAdvisor page for "Sign Up For WebAdvisor Access", see below.

Screenshot: WebAdvisor Menu.

Once you have created your account please log in as described above.

Employees Menu

Upon logging into WebAdvisor, you should see a combination of the three menu options; Students, Faculty and Employees. For the remainder of this training session we will be using the Employees section. The Employees menu contains links to Payroll, position, and stipend information.

Employee Profile Menu

Under the Employees main menu you should see a section labeled Employee Profile. This menu contains the links that will allow you to view your pay advices, stipends, leave plans and your position summaries. In the future we will be enabling the W-2 link. At this time we will be focusing on your Pay Advices and Leave Plan Summary.

Screenshot: Employee Profile.

Pay Advices Selection Form

Upon first entering the Pay Advice selection page you should see all current year pay advices and a drop down option.

Screenshot: Currect Year drop-down box.

You can view the 01/30/2009 pay advice, as an example, by clicking the date at this time or to select a previous year use the drop down menu to select your year and use the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page.

Note: If a current year pay advice or no dropdown selection is made and the "Submit" button is selected you will see the following error message:

Screenshot: Error message "Must enter a valid year".

At this point you can select a previous year from the drop down menu or navigate back to the Pay Advice selection screen from the main Employees Menu.

Leave Plan Summary

Use the Leave Plan Summary page to view and review your current leave plan balances. Please keep in mind that this information may not reflect your previous month's absence report depending on when your absence report was submitted and if it has been posted yet.

Please use the Current Balance column to review your Leave Plan Summaries.


Maximum number of cookie values has been reached. When the maximum number of WebAdvisor sessions has been reached, you will be presented with the following error. To correct this please close all browser instances as this will reset your sessions. You may now log back into WebAdvisor to resume.