Personal Issues: Confidentiality - Counseling Department

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All sessions between counselor and student are considered private and confidential. However, there are some limitations to confidentiality that we believe you should be aware of. Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to discuss them with your counselor.

  1. Because academic information is highly technical and subject to frequent changes, it may be necessary for your counselor to consult with other counselors for more current information, clarification or assistance. In this case, no information will be released outside of this consulting relationship. Additionally, graduate interns are required to consult with their supervisors on a case by case basis. However, no information is released outside of this supervision relationship.

  2. In order to better serve our students, counselors are instructed to keep progress notes on sessions in order to ensure the accuracy of information given and to assist other counselors in understanding the history and progress of your academic situation. This information is kept in a file held in Admissions and Records. It is the policy of Ohlone College that academic records cannot be released without your express written consent. Any information of a personal nature gathered in a counseling session is noted in very unspecific and general terms, so as to maintain the confidentiality of the session. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please address them with your counselor.

  3. There are laws that govern counseling relationships that can apply to college settings. These laws require that counselors report information under certain conditions in order to ensure the safety of our students as well as the public. These conditions are:

    1. Actual or suspected child/elder abuse or neglect.
    2. If a person poses a danger to him /herself or others.
    3. This means that if you reveal any information to your counselor that s/he believes falls under the above-mentioned conditions, s/he may be required to file a report with the appropriate authorities.

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