Our objective is to provide the faculty and staff of Ohlone College an opportunity to take full advantage of the excellent programs and classes we offer. Whether you are interested in beginning an exercise program, or are looking to modify and/or enhance your current level of fitness, the Fitness Center instructors will help you achieve your goals.


Use of the Fremont Fitness Center and Newark Fitness Lab

To utilize the Fitness Center in Fremont and/or the Fitness Lab in Newark you will need to:

  1. Enroll in the Employee Fitness and Wellness Program and contribute a minimum of $5 per month to the Ohlone College Employee Fitness and Fitness Program. Please complete the Employee Fitness and Wellness Program Registration Form.

    There are three membership levels depending on the facilities you would like to access. Our Basic Plan entitles you to use of the Fitness Centers only. If you only want to swim, the Pool Only Plan is the plan for you. Access to the pool and the fitness centers is available with our Basic Plus Plan.

  2. Complete the Fitness Center Orientation. This is often offered during Flex Week. If you miss this orientation, contact the OEFWP Coordinator to arrange an orientation. (Note: If you enroll in PE-343 on the Fremont Campus or PE-344 and/or PE-342 on the Newark campus, you will satisfy this requirement.)

Neither the Fitness Center (Main Campus) nor the Fitness Lab (Newark Campus) maintains open hours for drop-in students. Fitness Center classes are instructor-directed and as such space for OEFWP members is limited. You may gain access to the gym via a class that is in session, has recently ended or by contacting Campus Police. A class schedule is conveniently posted on the Total Health and Wellness Center website.

Hours of Operation
Days Fremont Fitness Center Newark Fitness Lab
Monday - Friday Please consult the class schedule Please consult the class schedule
Saturday, Sunday, Holidays and Breaks Closed Closed

Note: You may be asked to present your OEFWP membership card to an instructor during class time or to gain access when the door is locked. Please carry it with you.

Attending Physical Education Classes

As an OEFWP member, you are encouraged and welcomed to join Physical Education classes such as Kickboxing (Fremont only), Boot Camp, Yoga, Swimming* (Fremont only), Guts and Butts, and Body Sculpting. We ask that you first contact the instructor prior to attending to make sure that there is space and equipment for you.

Please keep in mind that some classes are progressive and are not suitable for drop in (such as Yoga, Yoga and Meditation, Pilates, Tai Chi, and Indoor Cycling). If you would like to attend regularly for the entire semester, please respect your commitment and arrive on time and stay for the complete class session.

Additional Notes

  • Students are given first priority on all machines and weights. If you are coming in to work out during a scheduled class, please make sure that you yield to the students. Classes are generally full for the first 4 weeks of the semester so you are encouraged to plan your workout accordingly to avoid class times.

  • It is highly recommended that you always work out with a partner. At the very least, check in and check out with a co-worker or Campus Security.

  • Newark Center Participants: Please be aware of our mind-body classes. When Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi classes are in session in the studio, please refrain from using the treadmills, summit trainer, or elliptical trainers. Please keep your conversations to a minimum and avoid clanging the weights. You may work out without noise restrictions during Indoor Cycle, Body Sculpting and Guts and Butts. (There are no noise restrictions in Fremont.)

  • Access to the Fitness Center/Lab is available by asking Campus Security or a PE faculty member.

  • If you forget how to use the equipment, please ask. The Fitness Center/ Lab is our educational laboratory, much like a Chemistry or Nursing Lab. We cannot afford to have equipment out of service due to user error or ignorance. Likewise, if you forget how to do an exercise or have a question about the appropriateness of an exercise for you, please ask.

  • Lap swimming is available for Pool Only and Basic Plus members only when the lifeguard is on deck.

Additional Benefits from Employee Fitness and Wellness Program Members

Your membership in the Ohlone Employee Fitness and Wellness Program (OEFWP) affords you much more than just a workout or use of the Fitness Center/Lab. As a member of the OEFWP, you may participate in Educational Seminars (nutrition, health, running, cooking, etc.), and informational demonstrations, workshops, and special training /workout sessions. Watch monthly emails for more information.

Additional Questions

Q: How to I become a member of the Employee Fitness and Wellness Program?

A: Enroll in the Employee Fitness and Wellness program through Human Resources or by completing the Employee Fitness and Wellness Program Registration Form.

Contribute a minimum of $5 per month to the Ohlone College Employee Fitness and Wellness Program.

Q: How do I get a locker in the Faculty Locker Room?

A: Faculty athletic lockers are first come, first served. In Fremont, you must provide your own lock. In Newark, lockers are keyed.

In Fremont, contact the Athletics Technician. For a locker key in Newark, contact Robin Kurotori.

Lockers are also available for staff and faculty in the Student Locker Room. Newark lockers are renewed by email every semester.

Q: How do I get into the Faculty Locker Room?

A: On the Fremont campus, contact Chris Warden, Dean of Kinesiology, Athletics, and Broadcasting, for approval for a key. On the Newark campus, your mailroom key (Room NC2311) will open the Faculty Locker Rooms.

Q: How do I know when classes are scheduled?

A: On the Newark campus, the class schedule is posted outside the Fitness Lab and Studio Doors. It is also posted online on the Newark Center Total Health and Wellness Center website. For Fremont classes, refer to the class schedule.

Thank you for following these guidelines and helping to keep this program viable for semesters to come. We look forward to helping you meet your health and fitness goals this semester.

Contact Information

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

  • Chris Warden
    Kinesiology, Athletics, and Broadcasting Division
    Room 9303, Building 9, third floor, Fremont campus
  • Robin Kurotori, M.S.
    Professor - Kinesiology and Health
    Program Coordinator - Ohlone Employee Fitness and Wellness Program
    Room NC1410, first floor, Wing 4, Newark Center

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