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  • Physics: Introductory Certificate of Accomplishment - Provides students with a solid foundation in the general principles of physics, as well as experience with a wide variety of mechanical and electrical measurement techniques. In addition, students will gain a deeper and concrete understanding of the properties of materials and matter in the solid, liquid, and gaseous state and of the experimental processes involved in the measurement and analysis of these properties. This certificate presents students with material that forms the necessary basis for continued study in many fields of science, in particular the biosciences and the earth and environmental sciences. The certificate also prepares students for paraprofessional employment in the form of research internships with various city, county, state, and private agencies and various technician positions in the fields of electrical and environmental technology.
  • Physics: Advanced Certificate of Accomplishment - Provides students with a solid physical and mathematical foundation of the general principles and theorems of physics, as well as experience with measurements of important physical quantities in the fields of mechanics, electricity and magnetism, optics and thermal physics. Upon completion of this certificate students will be very well prepared to engage in continued and fundamental studies in the fields of engineering, physics, mathematical physics, or astronomy. The certificate also prepares students to work in various research institutions and companies as research assistant or on internships.

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