Placement in English and Math is one of the critical first steps to helping students successfully start their college experience. It is also important that you understand your placement options and your rights to access transfer level coursework.

Our new placement process is linked to the online orientation and is based on self-reported information, which relies on your honesty. The only person impacted by your placement level is YOU! Your honesty will determine an appropriate placement level that will be essential to your expedient success in college. If you have any questions or concerns about your placement you may visit a counselor on drop-in.

How will I be placed?

First time college students:

Students who are currently enrolled in high school (10th – 12th grade) or recent high school graduates (after 2009) will be placed using your high school GPA, high school course completion, and a brief guided placement survey.

Students who did not graduate from a United States high school within the last ten years will use guided placement survey instead of high school records.

Placement Model

Already have College credit for English and/or math?  Please bring a copy of your academic records to see a counselor

Ohlone College uses these additional approaches to place students in our English and math:

  • Completed course work at a regionally accredited college or university

  • Early Assessment Program (EAP) / Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC)

  • Advanced Placement (AP) test

The Counseling Department offers students personal counseling, academic and career planning, and can assist students with transfer goals.  Counselors are available virtually to help support students obtain their education goals. For more information visit our Counseling Department homepage.


ESL Placement Process

The ESL Placement Process at Ohlone College is a form of self-guided placement.  This means that there is no placement test.  Instead, you will make a decision about which classes are best for you.  In this process, we encourage you to take your time and think carefully about each step.  

You will be asked to evaluate your own skills and abilities in using English, and you should do this honestly to get the best possible results.  You will look at samples of readings, real students’ writing, and listening material for students who are starting each level in the ESL program.   

Tips for taking the self-guided placement – ESL Self-Placement Form:  

  1. Take your time to read each page carefully, and click on "Next Button" Next Button to go to the next page.
  2. Respond to each question by clicking the "Radio Button" radio button:  
  3. Read the reading and writing samples by checking the "Checkbox" checkbox:   The samples will show up on your screen after you checked the box.
  4. For the Listening sample, click on "Play Button" play button  to play the audio. Remember to turn up the volume of the device you are using.
  5. Answer the questions at the bottom of the page honestly when deciding which classes you think are the best for you.
  6. You may go back to the page before by clicking on "Previous Button" Previous Button

We look forward to welcoming you into ESL classes at Ohlone College! 

*Please note: ESL Placements take a minimum of 2-3 business days to process. Wait until you have received a confirmation email that your placement has been processed before attempting to register for your requested course(s).

Click on the button to start. 

Additional Notes:  
On the first day of each ESL class, the teacher will ask students to do some reading, writing, listening, and/or speaking tasks to help determine if you have chosen the right level class.  If a change is needed, it can be done.  

If you have any problems with this process, please send an email to counselingsupport@ohlone.edu(link sends e-mail).  If you are a noncredit student or applicant, you may also write to noncredit@ohlone.edu(link sends e-mail).



Chemistry Placement – NEW PROCESS

In the spirit of AB 705, the Chemistry department has chosen to no longer use a Chemistry test for placement into Chemistry 101A.  Instead, they will now use the evaluation of high school transcripts.

To challenge the Chemistry 102 prerequisite, please bring an unofficial high school transcript to a drop-in counselor to demonstrate that you meet the following requirements:

  • Passed high school chemistry in the past 3 years &
  • Have a high school GPA of at least 3.0
  • No self-reporting

Students who satisfy the Chemistry 102 prerequisite must still complete the Math 152 prerequisite (or place higher than Math 152) before enrolling in Chemistry 101A

Please allow approximately 1-2 business day for processing