Retesting - Placement Center

English and Math

1st test to 2nd retest: A minimum of 3 weeks

2nd to 3rd retest: A minimum of 1 year (the 3rd retest is final)

Example: A student completes the computerized placement on May 1, but is not satisfied with his/her results. She may use the computerized placement tool again on or after May 22. If he/she uses the computerized placement tool a second time, he/she will not be able to use the computerized placement tool for the third and last time until May 22 of the following year. If the student places lower on the retest, Ohlone College honors the higher placement.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

The English Second Language (ESL) computerized placement tool can be taken once per Fall or Spring semester.

  • Summer term: April through June
  • Fall semester: April through August
  • Spring semester: October through January


Students may take the Chemistry placement test once for the intended semester, but for a maximum of two (2) times.

  • Summer term: April through June
  • Fall semester: April through August
  • Spring semester: October through January

College Connection students outside at Newark Center.The Retest Policy does not reset for every semester or academic year. All placements are saved as a part of the student's records.

If students wish to challenge their placement, they may appeal to the Assessment Coordinator to request a retest earlier than these guidelines. Please e-mail to request an appeal.


Tips for Retesting

Be sure to study before attending a future session. Most students who use the computerized placement tool without studying will have the same placement as their first time. Review the study guides, sample practice tests, and other helpful online resources.

For math, concentrate primarily on studying the subjects you were placed into after your first session. For example, if you were placed into Math 151 (Algebra 1, focus on studying this topic. Study and review higher level math subjects only if you had previously done very well in these subjects in high school.

For English, be sure to study and review the sample questions so you understand the type of questions asked on the Reading Comprehension and Sentence Skills sections.

  • If you are retesting for both English and math, consider completing each on a separate day.

    Combined, English and math can usually take 2 - 2.5 hours to complete. You may be able to concentrate more if you complete one subject at a time. However, if you decide to do this you must tell the proctor before the session begins.

  • Take your time and check your work since there is no time limit. Remember, you are not allowed to go back to previous questions to change your answer. So consider each question carefully.

    If necessary, take a break during the session to get a drink of water or just walk around and stretch. Be sure to let the proctor know that you need to take a break.