Vision Statement

Ohlone College will be known for inclusiveness, innovation, integrity, engagement, and exceptional student success.

Mission Statement

Ohlone College offers high quality educational and career pathways and personal enrichment courses to serve the diverse needs of all students and the community. Ohlone provides excellent instruction and support services, awards associate degrees and certificates, and promotes university transfer in an inclusive, equitable, and multicultural environment where student learning and achievement are paramount. Ohlone fosters innovation, encourages student expression, and promotes ethical behavior and global citizenship.

Value Statements

We encourage and empower students and employees to achieve at their fullest potential, encouraging all to engage in ongoing learning and development through high quality education, collaboration, and continuous institutional improvement.

Diversity and Inclusiveness
In the spirit of social justice and equity, we strive to intentionally and purposefully support students and employees from diverse backgrounds, socio-economic groups, ages, abilities, and intersectional identities to reduce barriers in order to allow for greater opportunity to explore their interests and to maximize their ability to define and fulfill their higher education goals and career aspirations.

We encourage and foster strategic risk-taking in order to foster creativity and to generate new ideas that inspire students, faculty, and staff to optimize student learning and development.

We continually reassess our efforts to support our college community and provide the necessary resources and comprehensive support to assist students and employees in defining goals and enriching their educational and occupational experience, so that we can help develop active, contributing members to our college and global community.

We promote ethical behavior and practice transparent communication and decision making, emphasizing civility, respect, trust, mutual accountability, and honesty among students, employees, and the communities we serve, in a climate where everyone feels empowered, heard, and engaged.

We engage in participatory/shared governance to provide an exemplary model of stewardship for human, financial, physical, technological, and environmental resources to maximize institutional effectiveness and efficiency.

Health and Wellness
We promote the physical and emotional well-being of the college community by advocating for a healthy college environment, and leveraging comprehensive support services.

College Goals

Consistent with its vision, mission, identity, and values, the College pursues the following goals:

GOAL 1: Through innovative programs and services, improve student learning, achievement, and experience.

GOAL 2: Promote diversity and inclusion.

GOAL 3: Re-envision the College through effective use of resources.

GOAL 4: Ensure a supportive learning and working environment.

GOAL 5: Increase communication, both within the College and among District constituents.


2020-2025 Goals and Objectives (PDF).

Adopted by the Board of Trustees 6/10/2020.