Mission, Values, Strategic Goals and Objectives - Planning and Program Review

Mission Statement

Ohlone College responds to the educational needs of our diverse community and economy by offering high quality instruction supporting basic skills, career development, university transfer, and personal enrichment and by awarding associate degrees and certificates to eligible students in an innovative, multicultural environment where successful learning and achievement are highly valued, supported, and continually assessed.

Value Statements

We empower students and employees to achieve at their fullest potential, encouraging all to engage in ongoing learning through high quality education and continuous institutional improvement.
We actively reach out to and support students and employees from various backgrounds, socio-economic groups, ages, and abilities to explore their interests in order to define and fulfill their goals. We strive for a diverse workforce that honors and upholds the contributions of all.
We strive to be risk-takers in order to generate new ideas in college planning and the curriculum that inspire students, faculty, and staff to optimize student learning. We endeavor to meet the entrepreneurial and technological needs of the college community to serve and support students.
We practice transparent communication, emphasizing respect, trust, and honesty among students, employees, and the communities we serve in a climate where everyone feels heard and engaged.
We engage in shared governance to provide an exemplary model of stewardship for human, financial, physical, technological, and environmental resources to maximize institutional effectiveness and efficiency.
We provide the necessary tools and support to assist students and employees in defining goals, and measuring their success by the attainment of those goals.

Goals and Objectives

2015-2020 Goals and Objectives (PDF).

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