Policy for Facility Rental - Ohlone Community College District

Policy on Use of Facilities

10.2 Use of Facilities

(Approved: 6-25-86; amended: 10-14-87; 4-23-97; 12-10-97; 8-12-98)

Statement on Use of Facilities: The Board of Trustees encourages full use of college facilities by community groups at such times as they are not required for College activities. Lease arrangements or fees are required of most groups. Community groups desiring to use College facilities including classrooms, the gymnasium, swimming pool, playing fields, and the satellite dish must secure advance permission by filing an Application for Facility Use Form.

10.2.1 Policy for Use of College Facilities

  1. The Board of Trustees of the Ohlone Community College District recognizes as an important responsibility the development and implementation of a comprehensive program of community services for the residents of the District. Consistent with this position, the Board encourages use of College facilities by community groups at such times as they are not required for College activities.

  2. Priorities for Use of Facilities: To provide for maximum use of College facilities by the community and to minimize the potential for conflict, the following priorities are established.
    1. First priority is reserved for the College's educational program and for College events.
    2. Second priority will be given to schools and colleges when the purpose of the use is educational.
    3. Third priority will be given to youth groups, civic and service groups, public agencies and other groups organized for cultural, educational or recreational activities.
    4. Organizations within the District will have priority over those from outside the District.
    5. Priorities shall be maintained in such a way that no group will monopolize a facility.
    6. Groups which are not generally recognized as "non-profit" will receive the lowest priority when requesting use of the facilities.
    7. Use may be canceled at any time prior to use should facilities be needed for college purposes.
    8. Once an application has been approved, the use shall not be preempted by another applicant with a higher priority.
  3. Scheduling of Facilities
    1. Applications for use of College facilities may be obtained from Civic Center Rentals online at www.ohlone.edu/org/rentals/application.html.
    2. Civic Center Rentals will approve the dates and times the facilities are to be used.
    3. Applications for use of District facilities should be filed with Civic Center Rentals at least three weeks in advance of intended use and will not be approved for a period exceeding one semester. Applications received for the following semester shall be held for processing until College programs for that semester have been finalized.
    4. If fees are assessed to an organization, full payment is due in advance of the scheduled use unless other arrangements have been approved by Civic Center Rentals. Payment due date is indicated on the approved facility application.
    5. Applications must state specific facilities, dates, and hours. These hours should include opening, set-up, take-down, and closing of facilities in addition to the time of actual use. The group representative responsible for the activity must have the approved application available during the activity. If not, the group may be required to leave the facility. It shall be the responsibility of the user group to see that facilities are vacated as scheduled.
  4. Special Requirements and Conditions
    1. Applications shall originate with established and responsible organizations of good reputation located within the District. Groups not qualifying as community organizations but organized for educational purposes may also qualify for use of facilities.
    2. Applications for individual use cannot be considered. All juvenile organizations or groups must have adult sponsorship and supervision.
    3. State law specifies that no entertainment shall be permitted which reflects negatively in any way upon persons because of race, religion, color, creed, sex, age, or disability.
    4. Use of facilities requires the presence of a custodian. Additional custodial and campus police services also may be required.
    5. Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages, dangerous drugs, or narcotics is not permitted on College property. Any person under the influence of such shall be required to leave the campus.
    6. Groups or organizations using College facilities shall conform to all city and county ordinances and fire regulations.
    7. Decorations must be flame-proof and shall be erected and taken down in a manner not destructive to property. The use of any material or device which constitutes a hazard is expressly prohibited.
    8. Display materials used or distributed on campus must be approved by Civic Center Rentals and must be removed immediately after the event.
    9. Facilities must be protected from damage and mistreatment, and precautions for cleanliness maintained. Restrictions regarding smoking, eating, and drinking in rooms and buildings must be observed. The group authorized representative assumes this responsibility. Should District property be damaged or abused, the cost of repair shall be paid by the group involved.
    10. The organization and its members shall be held responsible for any and all loss, accident, neglect, injury, or damage to person, life, or property which may be the result of, or may be caused by the organization's occupancy of the facilities or premises, and for which the District might be held liable. The organization shall protect and indemnify the District, the Board, and/or any officer, agent, or employee of the District and save them harmless in every way from all suits or actions at law for damage or injury to persons, life, or property that may arise or be occasioned in any way because of the occupancy of the facilities or premises. The District will require the furnishing of a certificate of liability insurance from the applicant in the amount of $1,000,000. This requirement may be waived by the Vice President, Business Services, or his/her designee.
    11. The District, at its discretion, shall have the right to cancel and terminate use of facilities immediately upon discovery of any violation of the regulations, conditions, or provisions of facility use on the part of the requesting group. Should any such violation occur, the District shall have the right to deny any future requests by the group.
    12. All cancellations should be made at least two working days prior to intended use.
    13. Concession services are provided by the College Athletic Department. If desired, applicant should contact this department directly at (510) 659-6044.
    14. Organizations wishing to serve food at an event, other than an athletic activity using concession services (see Number 13), must have plans approved by Civic Center Rentals. The use and choice of a food vendor is at the discretion of Civic Center Rentals. After approval of an organization's plan, arrangements with the vendor will be the responsibility of the organization.


  1. The Ohlone Community College District reserves the right to terminate any agreement.
  2. Except as may be required by law, no activity shall be charged an amount not to exceed direct costs. Education Code Section 82542(c).

10.2.2 Use of Physical Education and Athletic Facilities Policy

(Amended: 12-13-95)

  1. Legal Authority: The Board approved a motion delegating the approval of this policy to the President/Superintendent at the February 25, 1976, meeting.
  2. Policy: It shall be the policy of the Ohlone Community College District to give first priority to the College's instructional program. Uses by other segments of the College or broader community are encouraged and will be approved to the extent that they are in compliance with all Federal statutes and local and State statutes and regulations and will not unduly disrupt scheduled programs. Any exception must have the approval of the President/Superintendent.
  3. Purpose: To provide administration procedures for the scheduling of physical education and athletic facilities.
  4. Procedure:
    1. Priority for use of physical education facilities shall be in the following order:
      1. Physical education classes
      2. Athletic events
      3. Other College activities
      4. Outside groups not related to the College will have use of the facilities only when the College is not using the requested facility.
    2. Use of any facility in the physical education-athletic complex must be cleared through the Athletic Director and/or the Division Dean to determine if there are any conflicts. If clearance involves athletic programs, the Athletic Director will be consulted; and for instructional classes, it will be cleared through the Division Dean. All pool use shall also be coordinated with the Athletic Director.
    3. Civic Center Rentals shall have the responsibility to determine if a particular facility is available, determine any charges, and approve all requests. The Physical Education Department and Athletic Director shall notify the Civic Center Rentals of use of its facilities.
    4. A "rule of thumb" guideline will be that no class or scheduled classes shall be canceled or moved more than one time in any given semester.
    5. Use of any special equipment (scoreboards, speaker system, gymnastic equipment, mats, portable equipment) must be either under the supervision of a College employee or someone who has been approved for use of the equipment by the Athletic Director or Division Dean.
    6. Gym shoes must be used on the main floor, weight room, and activity room.
    7. Use of the gymnasium complex must be supervised by a College employee. After all events, adequate maintenance and custodial services shall be provided so that the facility is maintained and ready for instructional use.
    8. No food or beverages will be allowed on the main floor. There shall be no smoking in the gymnasium.
    9. Sunday is the preferred day for scheduling of the gymnasium.
    10. ASOC shall have first priority in operating a concession stand for any event. Other groups that wish to operate a concession must have the approval of ASOC.
    11. Community organization's use of athletic fields will be limited to special uses (games, playoffs, etc.).
    12. Mats must be used for golfing.
    13. The baseball field shall be approved for use only to teams that use a regulation size field.
    14. Reservations for use of the Tennis Court by individuals, when the facilities are available and are not needed by the College for educational purposes, will be considered at a nonrefundable facility use charge of $4 per court for up to 90 minutes of use.

10.2.3 Use of Small Dining Room in Building #5

(Approved: 12-7-84)

  1. Legal Authority: The Board approved a motion delegating the approval of this policy to the President/Superintendent at the November 26, 1975 Board meeting.
  2. Purpose: To provide administrative procedures for the scheduling of the small dining room in Building #5.
  3. Procedure:
    1. The staff secretary in charge of room scheduling will be responsible for scheduling of room 5209, the small dining room of the cafeteria.
    2. The staff secretary shall notify the Coordinator of Student Activities and Vice President, Student Services of any reserved use of Room 5209 during the 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. period.
    3. The Faculty Dining Room (5209) shall be designated primarily as a private lunch area for college staff. Scheduling of meetings or events between 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. in this room will be limited. Preemptive events or meetings should be screened using the following criteria:
      1. open to all college staff, or
      2. a meal will be served or eaten, or
      3. use of the room is necessary for special event
    4. Signs noting the future limiting of the room for an 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. special use should be posted two days in advance of the use date.
    5. Scheduling before 11:00 a.m. and after 2:00 p.m. will be handled as a regular room reservation.

Additional Related Policies

10.1.1 Policy on Smoking

Administrative Regulation Amendment (June 1, 2004)

  1. Legal Authority: The Board approved a motion delegating the approval of this (smoking) policy to the President/Superintendent at the October 9, 1974, Board meeting.
  2. Regulations: Ohlone College is a designed Smoke Free College. Smoking is prohibited in all college vehicles, buildings, indoor and outdoor facilities, handicapped parking and all open areas except for general use parking lots.

    This regulation applies to all properties and facilities owned or leased by the Ohlone Community College District.

10.1.2 Policy on Maintaining a Drug-Free Campus

(Adopted: 7-26-89; Revised: 8/90)

This statement of policy and information is provided to students and employees of Ohlone College in accordance with the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988, 34 CFT, Part 85F and the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act of 1989, P.L. 101-226, Section 22.

  1. Students and employees of Ohlone College are notified that the unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensing, possession, or use of drugs and alcohol is prohibited in all areas of the Ohlone College campus and as part of any College activities. Actions will be taken against students and employees for violation of such prohibition.
  2. Students and employees are hereby informed of the following:
    1. There are local, state, and federal sanctions for unlawful possession, use, or distribution of illicit drugs and abuse of alcohol. Such sanctions include fines and imprisonment in the state prison.
    2. Use of illicit drugs and abuse of alcohol are dangerous to students, employees, and others and to the general welfare of the College. Health risks include physical and mental illnesses which may lead to disability and even death.
    3. Information about counseling, treatment, rehabilitation, and assistance programs may be obtained from College counselors, personnel office staff, and community health care providers.
    4. Penalties as noted in Item "F" may be imposed upon students and employees for drug and alcohol violations occurring on campus or in College-sponsored activities.
  3. In accordance with law, this statement of policy and information shall be distributed to students and employees annually.
  4. Employees engaged in the performance of any federal grant shall as a condition of employment abide by the terms of this statement of policy (A.) and notify the College of any criminal drug statute conviction for a violation occurring in the workplace no later than five (5) days after such conviction.
  5. The College shall notify the federal agency within ten (10) days after receiving notice under Item (D.) from an employee or otherwise receiving actual notice of such conviction.
  6. Students and employees who are found in violation of the standards of conduct described in paragraph A shall be subject to College sanctions as follows:
    1. Students shall be subject to sanctions (outlined in the Standards of Student Conduct and Discipline and Due Process Procedures) up to and including expulsion.
    2. Employees shall be subject to appropriate personnel action up to and including termination of employment.
    3. Students and employees may be required to participate satisfactorily in a drug or alcohol abuse assistance or rehabilitation program approved for such purposes by a federal, state, or local health, law enforcement, or other appropriate agency.
  7. The College shall make a good faith effort to continue to maintain the campus free of drug and alcohol use through implementation of items "A" through "F" of this document.
  8. The College shall conduct a biennial review of this program to determine its effectiveness, implement needed changes, and ensure consistent enforcement of sanctions.

10.1.3 Policy on Eating and Drinking in College Buildings

(Amended by President/Superintendent 10/86)

  1. Legal Authority: The Board approved a motion delegating the approval of this policy to the President/Superintendent at the November 26, 1975, Board meeting.
  2. Purpose: To provide a policy on eating and drinking in buildings.
  3. Regulations:
    1. No eating or drinking is permitted in classrooms, laboratories, public offices, excluding student and staff offices, and the interiors of public areas including, but not limited to, the lobby and hallways. Exceptions may be made for committees, group meetings, and special events.
    2. Eating and drinking is permitted in staff and student lounges, outside areas, and the cafeteria in Building #5.
    3. Persons are expected to place all litter in receptacles provided for this purpose.
    4. Persons using the cafeteria must wear shoes and shirts.
    5. Moving trays, china dishes, china cups and saucers, and cafeteria silverware from the cafeteria is prohibited.