Posting Course Highlights to Advertise New or Under-enrolled Courses - Web Center

Screenshot of course highlight on Ohlone website homepage.To help fill under-enrolled and new courses, "course highlights" are displayed on the Ohlone website after the current Class Schedule is available through the end of registration. One randonly-selected course highlight is displayed on the New at Ohlone page. The course highlight announcement includes a link to additional information, usually located on the related department or program website.

Your new or under-enrolled course can be included as a course highlight.

Submit a course highlight

To add a course highlight with a short description about a new or under-enrolled course to the related department or program website:

  1. Write a headline and short description about the course you want to highlight - make it interesting, make it fun, write it so students will want to take the course!
  2. Include in the description:
    • Semester, Course Name, Course ID, Section ID; example:

      Fall 2011, The History of Jazz, MUS-121-01 (040407)
    • Days of the week and time classes are held and on which campus they are held (or that it is an online class); example:

      Tuesdays, Thursdays 9:55am - 10:55am on the Fremont campus
    • Optional but nice to include:
      • number of credits
      • instructor's name
      • start date if not the first week classes
  3. Email the headline and description to the Web Team. You may also attach a flyer or other document you've created in Microsoft Word or Publisher format to your email message.

How do course highlights work?

Screenshot of course highlight on Ohlone website homepage. Each time the New at Ohlone page is displayed in a web browser, one (1) randomly-selected course highlight is selected and displayed from a list of highlights.

Each course highlight is linked to more information about that course on the related department website. It is also listed on the Course Highlights web page that is displayed when a site visitor selects the "View all" link.

Course highlights are removed from the website when registration ends for the current semester.