Introductory Message from Dr. Bishop

Black Lives MatterOhlone College is committed to serving each and every student with equity at the forefront of all that we do and recognize the need for a systematic approach to reviewing how we are working toward this goal. Inspired by the California Community College Chancellor’s Call to Action, we, as an institution, are united in taking a close look at how we can better serve our students through the lens of equity and humanity. 

Incidents of racism are not new to our country and have long been dismissed and ignored. Years of racial discrimination, violence, and injustice have tainted a country which claims to provide “liberty and justice for all.” With recent headlines involving the killing of black people by police—the very people meant to protect and serve our communities—we can no longer stand silent as bystanders to racial discrimination. 

As an educational institution, we must lead the charge in creating change and teaching the next generation but we must first take every effort to create that very shift within.  

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