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Q. What filename should I use for the homepage of my website? What file is displayed when the URL does not include a filename (example:

The development and main web servers are configured to allow the following filenames for the index page (aka homepage) of any website directory, including the main directory for a website:

  1. home.html (this is the preferred filename for Ohlone College websites)
  2. home.htm
  3. index.html
  4. index.htm
  5. index.php
  6. default.html
  7. default.htm

If there is more than one file in a website directory using any of the filenames listed, the web server will select the default homepage for that directory in the order shown.

So, if a website directory has a home.html and a home.htm, the home.html file will be displayed as the default index page for that directory. And, if home.htm and index.htm exist, the home.htm file will be the default page for that directory.

Q. What are the rules for filenames and directory names?

  • use only alphabetic characters, numeric characters, periods, hyphens, or underscores in filenames and directory names (not valid: spaces and special characters)
  • it is best to use lowercase filenames and directory names, although you may use mixed-case or uppercase names if you desire
  • filenames must end in the appropriate filename extension for the type of file; for example:
    • .html or .htm - (X)HTML files
    • .gif - GIF images
    • .jpg - JPG images (.jpeg is also allowed but is less common)
    • .png - PNG images
    • .swf - Flash movies
    • .txt - ASCII text files

If you use mixed case or uppercase letters in your filenames or directory names, your web pages may work correctly and look great when you view them stored on computer, but they may contain broken images and broken links after you've uploaded your files to the web server. This happens when the name of a directory or file does not exactly match the name you used in the image or link tag. To prevent this problem, it is best to use all lowercase letters in your directory names and filenames.

Q. I just uploaded my web pages to my website but I'm not seeing the changes when I view the pages. What do I need to do?

You uploaded your pages to the development web server, so the pages can be viewed using this URL:

When you are satisfied that your pages are ready to be published to the main web server, contact the Web Team and provide the names of the files that need to be placed on the main website.

If you having missing pages or images, review your website for links staring with "file:////" - these are not valid on the web server - even though they work on your computer. The "file" tells the web browser to look at the computer you are using (not the web server) for the file.

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