Integrated Professional Development Committee

About Professional Development at Ohlone College

Goal 4 of the Ohlone College 2020-25 Strategic Plan is to "Ensure a supportive learning and working environment".

Formerly known as Staff Development, the purpose of Professional Development is to design and support professional development activities for faculty, classified staff, and management in order to provide a broad range of educational approaches and support services necessary to ensure that students achieve their highest potential.

Spring 2008 Learning College Week workshop.Consequently, the mission of Professional Development is to support quality teaching, learning, and support services for all students by providing the necessary resources for employees to develop and fulfill career, personal, and professional needs and goals. Continuous professional development and training is essential to maintain highly qualified faculty and staff committed to serving the educational needs of student." Professional Development Committee Charter; revisions approved by Faculty Senate November 2000.)

Faculty Professional Development sponsors Faculty Flex activities and other employee programs. Professional Development funds support faculty and staff attendance at conferences and other professional development opportunities.

There are three professional development committees:

Contact Information

For further information about Professional Development activities, contact the appropriate coordinator or chairperson:

  • Rebecca "Becky" Ozoa
    Faculty Development Coordinator

  • Sandy Bennett
    Classified Staff Professional Development Coordinator

  • Darline Gunsauls
    Chair of the Integrated Professional Development Committee
    Co-Chair of the Managers and Confidentials Professional Development Committee