Employee of the Year - Professional Development

It’s that wonderful time of year again! Yes, the weather is great and spring is here, but this is better! Now is the time you get to nominate that amazing colleague for doing an outstanding job all year long.

We have five categories of awards:

    • Staff of the Year
    • Faculty of the Year
    • Adjunct Faculty of the Year
    • Manager of the Year
    • Team/Committee of the Year

    Nominations are due by Friday, March 26, 2021!

    Please use the award criteria on the guidelines when making your selection and completing the nomination form.

    Submit electronic copies of the nomination form to David Panales at dpanales@ohlone.edu. Submit printed copies to the Human Resources mailbox, Fremont campus.

    Selections will be made by the Faculty and Classified Staff Professional Development Committees. Awards will be presented online on Friday, May 7, 2021.

    Employee of the Year Awards


    • Staff: JESUS JIMENEZ
    • Adjunct Faculty #1: LAUREL RICHARDSON
    • Faculty: HEATHER MCCARTY


    • Staff: LYNN HICKSON
    • Adjunct Faculty #1: DOUGLAS TORRES
    • Adjunct Faculty #2: KRISTINE CARROLL
    • Faculty: ROBIN KUROTORI
    • Manager: ROBERT BRADSHAW


    • Staff: SANDY BENNETT
    • Adjunct Faculty #1: DEEPAL PANDYA
    • Faculty: ROB SMEDFJELD
    • Manager: LESLEY BUEHLER
    • Team, Committee 1: 50th ANNIVERSARY
    • Team, Committee 2: TASK FORCE A


    • Staff: Nora Chopelas
    • Adjunct Faculty #1: May Chen
    • Adjunct Faculty #2: Jenny Schmidt
    • Faculty: Rose-Margaret Itua
    • Manager: Mike Bowman


    • Adjunct Facutly: Melody Stenrose, Nursing
    • Faculty: Jeff Roberts, Kinesiology and Athletics
    • Manager: Binh Nguyen, Tri-Cities One-Stop Career Center
    • Professional Supervisor/Confidential: Vy Anderson, Human Resources
    • Classified Staff: Tim Ngo, Information Technology Services


    • Staff: Sheila Holland, Executive Assistant, Arts and Social Sciences
    • Faculty: Christine Bolt, Business Administration
    • Adjunct Faculty: David Selby, Political Science
    • Manager: David Orias, Facilities


    • 2014 Employee Awards Ceremony Photo Video
    • Staff: Shirleen Ho, Information Systems Engineer, Information Technology
    • Faculty: Debi Lemon, Spanish
    • Adjunct Faculty #1: Ralph De Unamuno
    • Adjunct Faculty #2: Amber Hatter


    • Staff: Sue Steffen, Executive Assistant, Counseling
    • Manager: Chris Warden, Director of Kinesiology/Athletics
    • Adjunct Faculty: Nicole Sandoval, Speech
    • Faculty: Rachel Sherman, Language Arts
    • Career Achievement: Jim Wright, VP, Academic Affairs/Deputy Superintendent


    • Staff: Yu-Pui Kong, Computer Lab Coordinator
    • Manager: Ron Quinta, Dean, Science, Technology and Engineering
    • Faculty: Sally Scofield, Director and Associate Professor, Nursing
    • Adjunct Faculty: Candice Nance, Business Administration
    • Career Achievement: Deb Parziale, Professor Nursing; Coordinator Program Review, SLOA, and Professional Development
    • Career Achievement: Alan Kirshner, Professor History


    • Staff: Quan Nguyen, Web Course Technician, Information Technology
    • Manager: Lesley Buehler, Dean, Learning Resources and Technology
    • Interim Manager: Kenn Waters, Interim Dean, Counseling
    • Faculty: Nancy Pauliukonis, Professor, Deaf Studies, Deaf Students, English
    • Adjunct Faculty: Rick Flynn, English Instructor


    • Staff: Ben Peralta, Campus Security
    • Manager: Jim Wright, VP, Academic Affairs
    • Faculty: Kay Harrison, Professor, Speech and Communication
    • Adjunct Faculty: Lenore Landavazo, Counselor
    • Lifetime Achievement Award: Carolyn Strickler, Professor, Business Administration


    • Staff: Nathan Brown, Department Systems Analyst, Business Services
    • Faculty: Cynthia Katona, Professor, English/Journalism
    • Adjunct Faculty: Elisa Webb, CAOT, BSM, BA, CS


    • Staff: Fred Alim, Theatre Arts Technician
    • Faculty: Carrie Dameron, Assistant Professor, Medical-Surgical Nursing


    • Staff: Nam Hoang, Senior Accountant, Accounts Receivable, Business Services
    • Faculty: Vicki Curtis, Associate Professor, ESL


    • Staff: Mike Triplett, Customer Support Coordinator, Information Technology
    • Faculty: Ron Staszkow, Professor, Math


    • Staff: Bob Ortt, Evaluation Specialist, Office of Admission and Records
    • Faculty: Bunny Klopping, Professor, Deaf Studies, American Sign Language


    • Staff: Liz Crisp, Desktop Support Services, Information Technology
    • Faculty: Chris Warden, Assistant Professor, Physical Ed, Athletic Trainer; and Lottie Bain, Professor, Physical Ed. - Tango to Durango


    • Staff: Zelma Hunter, Administrative Secretary, Newark Ohlone Center Main Office
    • Faculty: Jim Klent, Professor, Chemistry


    • Staff: John Li, Accounting and Budget Coordinator, Business Services
    • Faculty: Mark Lieu, Professor, ESL, Faculty Senate President

    Contact Information

    The Employee of the Year program is managed by the Human Resources Department. Please contact David Panales at dpanales@ohlone.edu with questions about the program.

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