Learning College Week - Professional Development

Spring 2008 Learning College Week workshop.Learning College Week is held twice a year in the week before the start of the Fall and Spring Semesters. Activities are targeted for faculty but all employees are welcome to attend. The faculty professional development committee is seeking workshop proposals for Fall 2019 Learning College Week. Learning College Week is a collaborative, employee-driven college wide event. This is our opportunity to create professional development flex activities that meet our needs and interests. Everyone is encouraged to submit a workshop proposal. The PD committee encourages faculty and staff to collaborate on the development of workshops.

If you would like to conduct a LCW workshop, proposals are submitted online

Spring 2020 Learning College Week Schedule

Tuesday - Friday Jan 21-24, 2020

Current Schedule on Google Sheets ( embedded link below) (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1InvfNSUakE4YBh8dscvWgvZCJxSeLAoV...)


Friday is a required day for all full-time faculty. As always, be sure to sign in at every event that you attend.

Contact Information

If you want to schedule a Learning College Week workshop or have an idea for an activity, please complete the workshop proposal form. For workshops to qualify as “Flex Activity,” they need to address improvement in three areas; staff improvement, student improvement and instructional improvement. Please complete the Faculty Professional Development Coordinator.