Faculty Flex - Professional Development

What are Faculty Flex Hours?

Instructional Improvement Hours!

Spring 2008 Learning College Week workshop.Flex was approved by the UFO in 1994-1995. Instead of four teaching/instructional days, we now have 4 "flex" days for the purpose of professional development. If you are a full-time faculty member or counselor, you are obligated to 24 hours (4 days) of Flex activities. Each Flex day is six hours in length for a total of 24 hours. Each faculty member has a contractual requirement to complete all Flex hours by June 30 of each academic year. Faculty are paid for these four days of flex. Flex can not be carried over from one year to the next.

What can be approved as flex is defined by the state (Title V) and the UFO contract. The Ohlone flex policy provides details: Faculty Flex Guidelines: 'Flex' at Ohlone College General Guidelines for Faculty Instructional Improvement Days) (PDF).

Flex can be defined as any professional development activity which promotes the improvement of instruction at the individual, the division, or the college level. Flex activities which promote the Learning College model and the District's Strategic Plan are encouraged. Note: Ohlone College committee work, search committee work, club advising, accreditation work or Earth Day participation cannot be used as flex.

  • Fixed Flex - Required days on campus. The Friday prior to the start of each semester is a required or Fixed Flex day.
  • Floating Flex - Professional development workshops offered on campus during Learning College week and throughout the year. Facilitators receive double flex credit. Attendance is recorded through sign-in sheets.
  • Individual Flex - Individual professional development projects. For credit, faculty need to complete the Full Time Faculty Individual Flex Proposal and Project Report Form and ask their Division Dean to sign the form and submit it to the Professional Development Coordinator.

Faculty Flex Attendance Forms

Fixed and Floating Flex Workshops Offered on Campus

Faculty Individual Flex Projects

These are varied. Some examples include developing and implementing new student orientations, developing and evaluating program and course curriculum or learning resources, or attending an off campus workshop and sharing what you learned with your colleagues.

Full Time Faculty Individual Flex Proposal and Project Report Form

Faculty Individual Flex Reports

Full Time Faculty Annual Flex Totals

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