Classified Staff Professional Development Committee

Meet Me At Ohlone

The new Meet Me At Ohlone program showcases the wonderful people who work at our college, highlighting their professional and personal achievements, unique characteristics, and interests.

Purpose and Mission

The primary objective of Ohlone College is to create an outstanding learning environment that advances the development, growth, and success of each student.

The purpose of the Staff Development Committee is to design and support professional development activities for classified staff and management in order to provide a broad range of educational approaches and support services necessary to ensure that students achieve their highest potential.

Consequently, the mission of Professional Development is to support quality teaching, learning, and support services for all students by providing the necessary resources for employees to develop and fulfill career, personal, and professional needs and goals. Continuous professional development and training is essential to maintain highly qualified faculty and staff committed to serving the educational needs of students.

View the Professional Development Committee Charter [for the combined pre-October 2012 committee) (PDF) (update posted September 22, 2011).

Committee Members

  • Sandy Bennett - Committee Chair
  • Nora Chopelas
  • Renee Gonzales
  • Zelma Hunter

Contact Information

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