Choose Your Destiny - Classified Staff Professional Development

Climb to Your Highest Potential

Do you want to make the most of your life?

This practical course will help set you on a path to success with powerful insights and tools designed to help you plan out the vision for your life, and more importantly, execute on that vision. Grounded in scientific research, "Choose Your Destiny" empowers you to live deliberately and effectively, move past obstacles, and discover what it means to achieve your full potential.

Learn how to take control of your life to achieve your dreams.

Three key ingredients to achieving your desired happiness and success that needs to be in place to make it:

  • Knowing where you are going
  • How are you going to get there
  • Persisting like crazy to getting there

Course Facilitator: Steven Kiefel

Steven created the Choose Your Destiny program out of a wealth of knowledge and experience he gained from his 18-year career at NASA. His time there was focused on developing the human factors required to drive success in any organization. Steven now enjoys teaching these skills to others. He is presently the CEO of RHC Software and the author of a recently published book Choose Your Destiny.

Contact Information

For more information, contact Sandy Bennett at (510) 979-7549.

Choose Your Destiny Testimonials

Several Ohlone College employees participated in the Spring 2016 Choose Your Destiny program. Here are testimonials from a few of the participants:

Choose Your Destiny was a wonderful series was for me; I hope others will get a chance to take experience it and reap the benefits.

The program has helped me personally which has also helped me professionally. It gave me the tools I need to prioritize my personal goals which in turn have helped me with my job.

With the satisfaction of accomplishing my weekly goals, my positivity is at an all-time high which in turn flows into my job and attitude. I am feeling more self-confident. Encouraging others to take this course, is something I can totally get behind and say, "Yes, take the course!! Learn more about you and, more importantly, how you can better organize yourself."

Thank you so much for this professional growth opportunity. I really do hope you can offer it again so others will be able to benefit. Every area of my life has been impacted, and there's such a feeling of accomplishment.

-Lea Wilmer
Ohlone College Accounts Payable

I have been on a quest to enhance my leadership skills and impact the college community in a positive way. I feel like I have accomplished this goal, since starting my journey about three years ago. However, I'm always looking for new ways to better myself and my department. Considering the fact, I work and attend school full time; I was initially hesitant to sign up for the Choose Your Destiny course as this required an 8-week commitment on my part. Needless to say, I decided the benefits far outweighed any personal costs.

Choose Your Destiny is about taking control of your life and achieving your goals. Not only does it lay the foundation for achieving your goals, but it provides the rule book, whether it be for finances, physical fitness, or spirituality. Understanding the rules helps you to write out clear, measurable paths, this is what Choose Your Destiny did for me. In understanding the rules, I realized that other areas of my life fell into place; either enhancing what I was already doing or opening my mind to a path I had not considered.

Choose Your Destiny is good for a personal enriching experience, but also, can make us better employees. A special thank you to Sandy Bennett and Human Resources for bringing this program to Ohlone College.

-James Keogh
Lead Safety Officer

It has become increasingly challenging to keep, in the brain, and manage work, family, finances, and community responsibilities effectively. The Choose Your Destiny class provided insight and tools that have helped me to be more deliberate in my actions rather than just talking about my intentions. By committing to the experiential exercises such as the daily to-do list, properly structured agreement, and weekly covenant, I can find a balance which I so desperately need both professionally and personally. The 8-week sessions were mesmerizing and very engaging. To that end, the last class was somewhat somber, and no one wanted it to end.

-Inga Bellamy
Student ServicesAssistant, EOPS and Student Life

Steven Kiefel's Choose Your Destiny course has been highly influential in increasing my productivity and made a positive impact on all aspects of my life!

Transfer Center

This course provided immediate and much needed tools for me to strengthen and fortify my programming efforts in relationship to my job at Ohlone. In the first ten minutes of the course, I was given a definition of the word "integrity" that I had never heard before and I have since adhered to. In fact, this course gave me an entirely new language and foundation to base my work off of that I have also introduced to the student groups and student employees I work with. This is not a "touchy-feely" course that leaves you on an emotional high, with a quick let down. Instead, this course is based on science and simple principles that work to change one's life, long term. I have found success professionally and personally by employing the methods that Steven introduced in the CYD course. Through Steven's story-telling, science based facts, presentation of new methodology, and in-class exercises, I was challenged and inspired to create new goals related to my work with students. Participating in this course also gave me new vision and perspective for my department, how I can effectively work with people, and further build on creating a productive and positive environment in the workplace. I feel that by offering this course to its employees, Ohlone College is investing in each of us. It shows that the college wants us to have the tools to succeed in whatever we pursue.

-Renee Wong Gonzales
Student Life Coordinator


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