Please congratulate our November 2015 Meet Me at Ohlone recipient!

Padmapriya (Pria) Krishnamurthy
Lab Technician, Biotechnology Department, Newark Campus

Although she personally likes Iron Man and Flash, if she could be a superhero, she would choose to be Wonder Woman. "It's not just about beauty, but inner strength as well. I feel Wonder Woman can do everything and carry herself well at the same time." Padmapriya (Pria) Krishnamurthy feels she is not Wonder Woman, but would want to be like her.

After receiving her M.S. in Applied Microbiology from the University of Madras, in Chennai, India, Pria came to Ohlone to complete her Certificate of Achievement in Bio Manufacturing. When a Science Lab Technician job opening became available, her instructor approached her and encouraged her to apply for the position. She got the job and was immediately faced with her proudest achievement while working at Ohlone…the task of setting up the Newark Campus Mammalian Cell Culture Lab from the ground-up. This included obtaining basic supplies, microscopes, cell culture storage cabinets, safety equipment and specimens needed to conduct cell culture growths. With the grace and agility of Wonder Woman, she helped transform the Mammalian Cell Culture Lab from a room full of tables and chairs to an innovative, functional learning environment where students experience hands-on cell-culturing techniques that prepare them for careers in Biotechnology.

Pria in tiger-like dance costume.When it comes to the "Lasso of Truth," Pria confessed that she is most passionate about being a Mom to her 12-year-old son and dancing/working out. "I am an introvert when I'm working in the Lab and an extrovert when dancing." Trained in Bharathnatyam classical dance, which originates from Southern India; Pria is a performer with two bay area Indian dance companies, Sanhiti and Visweta. In addition to teaching Bombay Jam fitness classes at local Fremont gyms, Pria is now learning Hip Hop and Salsa. "Dance is a major part of my life and ever since I embraced dance, life has been wonderful and fulfilling." However, "I am at my best when I'm with my son. Being a Mom gives you better perspective and direction."

Pria has served as a Laboratory Technician for Ohlone's science labs since January of 2008. Her responsibilities include providing support for the labs, students and faculty; ensuring proper safety standards; preparing equipment and materials for lab exercises; maintaining inventory and ensuring optimal growth conditions for mammalian cell cultures. Stop by the Newark Campus to meet Pria! You'll be sure to find her in the science labs.

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