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May 2012 Faculty of the Month

Deb Parziale
Registered Nursing
Professional Development Coordinator

She's been teaching at Ohlone college for 33 years.

She's taught nursing theory, skills, assessment, communication, community health, rehabilitation, the list goes on.

She's been the Coordinator/Assistant Director of the Nursing program, CPAC/Curriculum Committee Chair, SLOAC Coordinator, Program review Coordinator, Professional Development coordinator, and the Coordinator of the customization of CurricuNET course and program approval modules.

She puts up with faculty frustration, cursing, and rage when we need help with program review, course assessment, and SLOs with incredible grace and humor.

She is currently the only faculty member to receive the Faculty of the Month award twice, since the award has been restarted in 2008.

And she's retiring, which will leave a palpable absence here at Ohlone. We will miss you dearly Deb Parziale.

Thank you for all of your service Deb!

April 2012 Faculty of the Month

Paul Mueller
Assistant Professor
Art: Photography

He is a member of the Mercury 20 art gallery in Oakland, where he will have a solo show in June.

He makes extensive use of video capture, on-line slide shows, photo wikis, and live chats in his courses.

He serves on the curriculum committee and is on the Ohlone College Foundation's Board.

He recently attended the National Convention of the Society for Photographic Educators, and is eager to put what he learned there in use here at Ohlone.

He has been working diligently to revive the Ohlone College photography program since 2004.

You can see his amazing personal work at

Please, give a hearty congratulations and best wishes to Paul Mueller!

March 2012 Faculty of the Month

Nancy Pauliukonis
Deaf Preparatory Program

Her son is in a Pipe band, and will be competing in the World Pipe Band Competition in Glasgow this summer.

She is part of the Basic Skills Initiative Committee, and is her division's representative on the SLOA and International Education Committees.

If she's not teaching her courses, she's tutoring her students in other courses.

She's piloting the English Reading and Writing Lab for her students in the Intensive University Preparation Program (IUPP).

She teaches deaf Japanese students English via videophone, CCCConfer and Blackboard. These students then come to Ohlone for another year of face-to-face lessons, then transfer on to other university programs.

She is, of course, Nancy Pauliukonis!

Give her your warmest congratulations when you see her!

February 2012 Faculty of the Month

Connie Olsen
Assistant Professor
English as a Second Language

  • She serves on the basic skills committee, as well as the international education committee.
  • She hosts a Christmas party for students every year!
  • She takes students to see snow every February!
  • She has Friday night gatherings for students, often in her home!
  • She takes students to Point Lobos, Monterey, and Yosemite.

She humbly declares that she is not a faculty leader, which I think is pure baloney, given what she does for her students, we can only learn from her example.

Ladies and Gentlemen, hands down, the most nominated person for Faculty of the Month, Connie Olsen!

If you see Connie around, please give her a hearty congratulations!

December 2011/January 2012 Faculty of the Month

Janel Tomblin-Brown
Theature and Dance

She was featured in the San Jose State University magazine last summer as an outstanding alumn who has made great strides in her field.

She serves on the Faculty Rehire prioritization, academic appeals and student discipline, and outstanding student awards committees.

She has helped create three dance companies: "Bliss," "iLLusion," and "Fresh Dynamix."

Her "iLLusion" dance company recently completed a community outreach campaign that helped bridge language, cultural, and socio-economic barriers with the language of dance. This included touring high school dance programs, workshops, and discussion forums, as well as inviting the community here to Ohlone.

She's incredibly proud to work with her colleagues and credits them with helping make her work come alive.

Please offer your warmest congratulations to Janel Tomblin-Brown, our Faculty of the Month for December 2011/January 2012!

November 2011 Faculty of the Month

Sheldon Helms

It's time to announce the November Faculty of the Month!

He is on the board of the Stanford Sleepwell Society, serving as an education adviser.

He has actively practiced a greening of his curriculum, avoiding printed materials when he can. He has no paper syllabus, and often communicates to his students through his active blog.

He is on the board of directors for the Bay Area Skeptics group.

He's been teaching at Ohlone for 11 years, and has created three courses, including Experimental Psychology, Social Psychology, and Abnormal Psychology.

He is the faculty adviser for the Psychology Club, which has brought 6 fantastic speakers to the college!

Please congratulate Sheldon Helms for being such an outstanding educator, not only to our students, but to the entire campus and larger community!

October 2011 Faculty of the Month

Carol McNamee-Cole
Respiratory Therapist Program

  • She was the very first faculty chairperson of the curriculum committee (even before it was called the curriculum committee!).
  • She did her graduate work in psychology, and taught psychology at Ohlone.
  • She helps spay, neuter, and feed the resident feral cat population at Newark, which is no longer growing due to her diligent work.
  • She has helped initiate a multi-disciplinary Asthma education clinic at Alameda County Medical Center in Oakland, and volunteers there during the summer for the last 6 years!
  • She began the Respiratory Therapist Program in 1980, and has been the director for 32 years, which was the first among 4 Bay Area community College RT programs to offer online courses.
  • She with another Full-time RT faculty, directs activity at 16 different Bay Area hospitals, and they supervise 16 adjunct faculty!
  • Under her guidance, the RT program outcomes were among the top 5% of the RT programs in the country during the 2010 re-accreditation site visit!

I am pleased to announce that the October 2011 Faculty of the Month is Carol McNamee-Cole!

So if you see her on campus, please give her a hearty congratulations! Ohlone College has quite literally been shaped by her presence, physically and institutionally!

September 2011 Faculty of the Month

Rakesh Swamy

It is the first of September, and that means we have a new Faculty of the Month!

This month's faculty of the month serves on the reading and writing subcommittees, and has designed and implemented online lab and tutoring programs.

He helped create the Newark English Learning Center.

He created the Basic Skills Committee from scratch with Dr. Wright in 2006, which put Ohlone ahead of the curve, since this was before the Basic Skills Initiative was enacted.

He is most proud of his position as the English Learning Center Coordinator since 2002! He's helped bring about major changes to the lab programs, and has helped upgrade the learning technology to meet the current standards.

Ohlone college is fortunate to have Rakesh Swamy amongst its ranks! Give him a hearty congratulations if you seem him on campus!