The Ohlone College Psychology Club is proud to announce the Fall 2017 installment in the Psychology Club Speaker Series.Logo Ohlone

Hoarding Disorder: Dispelling the Myths and Increasing Awareness of Treatment Strategies

In this exciting and informative one-hour talk, psychologist Dr. Robin Zasio from the Emmy Award winning A&E show “Hoarders” discusses the once little-known condition Hoarding Disorder.Psychospeaker-robinzasio

Dr. Zasio will define and describe Hoarding Disorder and distinguish it from general messiness or disorganization, showing how our fascination with hoarding stems from the fact that most of us fall somewhere on the hoarding continuum. She will also describe the methods used by psychologists who work with clients suffering from this paralyzing problem, teaching them to re-build their lives in a way that doesn't allow hoarding to prevent them from enjoying life

What is Hoarding Disorder and how does it develop?

Why do people hoard, and why can't they just “throw it all out”?

Why are we all so fascinated by Hoarding Disorder?

How can Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and “Exposure & Response Prevention” help?