You must be a currently-enrolled student at Ohlone College before taking the ACCUPLACER Test.

About the Reading ACCUPLACER Test

If you have completed ENGL-163 or an equivalent course with a grade of "C" or better, you do not need to take the Reading ACCUPLACER Test.

The ACCUPLACER Reading Assessment Test evaluates English Reading competency. Passing the English/Reading ACCUPLACER Test "clears" the Reading eligibility requirement (ENGL-163 or equivalent) for admission. Note, however, that passing the English ACCUPLACER Test does not clear the ENGL-101A or equivalent eligibility requirement.

Sample questions and study guides are available.

Schedule for ACCUPLACER Tests

Go to ACCUPLACER Test Schedule for Prospective Applicants to the RN, PTA, and RT Programs on the Health Sciences Division website.