Clinical Education for the Physical Therapist Assistant Program

Contact Information

During all clinical education placements, your Ohlone College PTA Program faculty contact is the Director of Clinical Education (DCE) whose contact information is:

Matthew Silva, ATC, CSCS, PTA, CAFS
Director of Clinical Education (DCE)

Clinical Education Courses

  • PTA-301: Clinical Practicum I
  • PTA-302: Clinical Practicum II
  • PTA-303: Clinical Internship

Clinical Education Resources

Have specific questions about how your facility can enhance its clinical education program? Need to know how to assess the CCCEs or CIs at your facility? Do you have a student from Ohlone coming to your clinic but you aren't sure what coursework they have completed or what the goals for the affiliation are? Check out these links provided to help your facility and staff succeed at clinical education.

Closed lock. Ohlone College Clinical Education Manual (PDF, 1.3 MB)

After an Ohlone College student has been accepted into the PTA Program, he/she is given the appropriate information to access this password-protected manual.  Contains Ohlone College PTA Program information including specifics for each clinical rotation regarding coursework completed, expectations of student performance, evaluation criteria, and forms for completion to assess student performance.
Northern California Clinical Education Consortium
An organization with representation from all Northern California physical therapist and physical therapists assistant education programs and clinical representatives from the region.
APTA Clinical Education Resources