Suggested Curriculum for the Physical Therapist Assistant Program

Students should refer to the Ohlone College Catalog, the current Curriculum Guide for the PTA Program, and see a counselor to confirm they are meeting academic requirements.

(Updated August 2016.)

Required Prerequisite PTA Courses
Course Units
BIO-103 A/Bio 103B Anatomy & Physiology (Area I) or equivalent course 8
BIO-104 Basic Human Anatomy & Physiology (this option requires you take an additional anatomy course with a lab of at least 4 units)

equivalent Anatomy/Physiology course 

ENGL-151B or ENGL-101A (Area IV) 4
PTA-101 Introduction to Physical Therapy 3
Fall Semester Year I - PTA Program
Course Units
PTA-102 Pathology 3
PTA-103 Kinesiology I 3
PTA-105A Therapeutic Exercise I 3
MATH-155 3
Spring Semester Year I - PTA Program
Course Units
PTA-104 Kinesiology II 3
PTA-105B Therapeutic Exercise II 3
PTA-108 Advanced Modalities 2
PTA-301 Clinical Practicum I 4
ENGL-135 Emerging Voices - Recommended 3
Cultural Diversity 3
Fall Semester Year II - PTA Program
Course Units
PTA-106 Orthopedics 2
PTA-109 Physical Therapy Through the Life Span 2
PTA-110A Neurological Disorders 2
PTA-302 Clinical Practicum II 4
SPCH-102 Critical Thinking - Recommended 3
Spring Semester Year II - PTA Program
Course Units
PTA-110B Neurological Disorders 2
PTA-111 Advanced Procedures 2
PTA-303 Clinical Affiliation 4.5
PTA-140 PTA Licensure Exam Preparation 1
Other Recommended Courses - PTA Program
Course Units
AH-110/111 Medical Terminology 4
PSY-108 Survey of Human Development 3
CFS-109 Nutrition for Diseases 3
Foreign Language Courses 3-5
PSY-139 Psychology in the Workplace 3
HIST-117A and HIST-117B
(meets transfer requirements for CSU and UC systems)

Total Units: 71.5

Total Units in Major: 52.5

Completion of the A.S. in PTA meets the TechTools General Education graduation requirement. Students who successfully complete the Ohlone PTA curriculum are waived from the TechTools requirements.

This curriculum assumes that the student will achieve algebra proficiency on the Assessment Test. See an Ohlone Counselor for further explanation.

Additional Requirements: After admission to the Physical Therapist Assistant Program, a current American Heart Association CPR card, immunizations, background check, and urine drug testing are required.

Graduation will take place following Spring semester. Permission to participate in graduation ceremonies in May can be requested in March.