Inventory Control - Purchasing Policies and Procedures -Purchasing, Contracts and Auxiliary Services

Equipment Accountability

All equipment with a value of $1000 ($500 for computers) or more must be tagged for inventory and accounted for as fixed assets. These items are tagged by Receiving when they are received in the Warehouse. Any equipment that is delivered directly or installed without being received in the Warehouse, must still be tagged. It is the using department's responsibility to notify the Warehouse upon arrival of new equipment or furniture.

Equipment/Property Transfers

Prior to any furniture, tagged equipment, or large items being moved on, around, or off campus, a request must be submitted to Accounting by the Division Dean or Director. The move or transfer must be scheduled in advance with Maintenance and Grounds by submitting a property transfer form for this purpose as provided on the Purchasing Forms web page. This form must be completed and approved prior to the furniture or equipment being moved.

Equipment Retirement

An item is retired when it leaves the District's inventory, and must be reported to the Purchasing Department on an Request to Surplus Form (available on the Purchasing Forms web page.) This includes loss due to theft, sale, trade-in or irreparable damage. Before disposing of an item, the form must be sent to the Purchasing Department which will assess the salvage ability of the item and notify either Maintenance & Operations or Information Technology Services to pick it up. Lost or stolen equipment should also be reported to Campus Police Services at (510) 659-6111.

Property disposal is regulated by California Education Code 81450 and 81452. Prior Board approval is required. No district employee is authorized to dispose of, give away, or sell any district asset.

Donated Equipment

All donated equipment must be reported to the office of Ohlone College Foundation in advance on a Donor Receipt/Recognition form. The Foundation will forward this report to the Board for acceptance by the College. The warehouse will then tag the item for inventory. An acknowledgement will be sent to the donor. If the equipment is to be moved or picked up by college staff, the property transfer form must be completed and approved, as well. For more information, see In-Kind Donation Procedure (PDF).

No donated material or equipment may be delivered or brought to campus without acceptance by the Foundation and prior Board approval.

Although donations can be generous gifts to the college, there have been many cases where equipment contains hazardous materials or turns out to be unusable for a number of reasons. Anyone who accepts a donation without following proper procedure will be responsible for removing the item(s) from campus at their own expense.

Auxiliary Accounts

Purchases from the Auxiliary Services Fund follow the same guidelines as other District purchases.

Invoices & Accounts Payable

Invoices for supplies received or services rendered should be marked as "Received" and signed by the Budget Manager. It should then be sent directly to Accounts Payable for payment. Please be sure the purchase order number is included on the invoice. It is important to understand that by signing an invoice, budget managers are confirming receipt of goods or services, not authorizing payment. The Purchase Order is the payment authorization vehicle, hence the requirement that the invoice always matches the purchase order.

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