Maintenance Agreements - Purchasing Policies and Procedures

All equipment purchases that will required a Maintenance Agreement must so state on the requisition. Funds for the on-going service contract must be identified prior to ordering the equipment.

Copier Repairs

The Purchasing, Contracts and Auxiliary Services ("Purchasing") Department maintains a Service Contract for repair of all copiers on either campus. Department personnel are responsible for placing service calls for equipment covered under a maintenance contract. Call Caltronics for service or supplies and have the Copier ID number available. Both numbers are posted on a tag on the front of the machine. The agreement covers all service and supplies, except paper and staples.

Many copiers also function as a MFD (Multi-Functional Device) and have the capability of providing fax, scanning and printing functions. Place a work order with the Service Desk in the Information Technology Services Department at (510) 659-7333 for trouble printing, scanning or faxing not related to the mechanical operation of the equipment. Questions on the Service Agreement may be directed to the Purchasing Department at (510) 659-7567.

Equipment Repairs

All equipment repairs through outside vendors are processed through the Purchasing Department. Prior to submitting a requisition, consult with the Purchasing Department to check for cost effectiveness and appropriate budget account. After consultation with the department budget manager, submit a requisition and leave the budget number blank if the repair is to be paid for from District funds.

Facility Maintenance Repairs

All repairs and/or replacements to facilities should be referred to the Maintenance and Operations in the Facilities Department on a Work Order. Call (510) 659-6105 or email to place a work order. This includes repairs/work such as plumbing, air conditioning, electrical, carpentry, painting, and moving of furniture and equipment. Maintenance repair problems involving health and safety issues during normal business hours should be immediately referred to the Maintenance and Operations in the Facilities Department or after normal working hours, contact Campus Police Services at (510) 659-6111.