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Purchase Reimbursement

The purpose of the purchase reimbursement is to accommodate staff for purchases when an item is required immediately or the staff member is able to receive special pricing that is not available through the purchasing system. This process is not to be used in lieu of the normal purchasing process. It is intended for immediate, one-time, emergency use. Abuse of the reimbursement process could result in refusal to make future reimbursements. The reimbursement form should be completed and signed by the purchaser and the Budget Manager with the original receipts attached and submitted to Accounting Payable. The purchase reimbursement form should be used only for supply purchases, no equipment or services.

Where repeated purchases outside the normal requisition/purchase order process are required, the department dean or manager should request a District Cal-Card credit card for the employee rather than employing the reimbursement process.

Cal-Card Credit Card

The Cal-Card District credit card is a procurement card, not a "debit card." It does not function like an ATM card. There is no "money" associated with it. It is a way to pay for materials, not a new purchasing mechanism. All district purchasing and accounting policies and procedures must be adhered to when using the card. Funds must exist in the appropriate budget code and the card cannot be used for anything that could not be otherwise procured by the District.

Items purchased on an Ohlone Cal-Card procurement card are not to be delivered to the warehouse. Purchases that require delivery to the campus should be made through the requisition process. Please visit the Ohlone College Cal-Card web page for additional information about how to use the district credit card.

The Cal-Card credit card should not be used to purchase equipment or services.

Each credit card has its own unique single transaction limit and monthly credit limit, In addition, each card is coded so it may only be used at certain types of business. These limitations are established based on the needs of the cardholder. Transactions may not be split between different cards or into smaller purchases to avoid these limitations.

Computer related items should be approved in advance by the Information Technology (IT) Services Department. Failure to inform IT Services of a purchase in advance could result in the hardware or software not being supported.

Petty Cash

Ohlone Community College District's Board Policy requires all district purchase to be made the district's Purchasing, Contracts and Auxiliary Services ("Purchasing") Department. Any purchases not in accordance with this policy become the personal liability of the individual who initiated the purchase. There is no "Petty Cash" Fund administered by the Purchasing Department.