Purchasing Philosophy - Purchasing Policies and Procedures -Purchasing, Contracts and Auxiliary Services

Note: Purchasing, Contracts and Auxiliary Services Department strives to maintain an outstanding customer service orientation. We believe it is crucial to serving the students, staff and faculty of the college. At the same time, the District has legal, fiscal, and moral responsibilities to follow statutes, regulations, and policies established in accordance with State law and the Governing Board's Policy. Our motto is Focused on Service Powered by People.

Except for authorized Cal-Card procurement card transactions, all purchases require prior approval through the established requisition-purchase order (P.O.) process regardless of the funding source, including grants. Items ordered without an authorized P.O. are not the responsibility of the District, whether or not they are for school related materials. Items purchased for personal use should not be delivered to (or sent from) a college address.

Purchases made without proper authorization, or not in accordance with District Policy, could be considered a personal purchase and may become the financial obligation of the purchaser/employee.