Purchasing Policies and Procedures - Purchasing, Contracts and Auxiliary Services

The purchasing of services, equipment, and supplies is centralized in the Purchasing, Contracts and Auxiliary Services ("Purchasing") Department under the direction of the Purchasing Supervisor. Under law, however, the Board of Trustees has the sole authority and responsibility for all purchase contracts of the District. Ohlone College Board Policy delegates to the Purchasing Supervisor the authority to enter into contracts and authorize purchases.

The primary responsibility of the Purchasing Department is to provide supplies, materials and services to be available at the correct time, in the proper quantity and place, with quality and cost consistent with the needs of the District.

The Purchasing Department has the responsibility for making the final determination of the source of supply, quantities, delivery schedule and price negotiation. The Purchasing Department will seek competitive pricing and protection against conflict of interest, ensure that purchases of materials, supplies, or public works projects that exceed statutory limits are through advertised bids approved by the Board, and manage business risks associated with contracting.

The Purchasing Department has the expertise to ensure compliance with all the provisions of the California Education Code, California Government Code, California Public Contract Code, and Board policy.