Receiving/Returning Merchandise - Purchasing Policies and Procedures -Purchasing, Contracts and Auxiliary Services

Receiving Merchandise

All merchandise is received through the District Warehouse, checked for accuracy and condition, and a receipt of goods is done on-line and sent to Accounts Payable for payment authorization. Any items over $1000 ($500 for computers) are tagged for inventory.

There are no facilities or personnel available receiving goods at the Newark Center for Health, Sciences and Technology. Orders for the Newark Center are usually received at the Fremont warehouse, and then shipped to Newark on a regular delivery schedule. Some exceptions include chemical or hazardous materials shipments, equipment that was purchased with onsite installation, or items that are purchased with the Cal-Card credit card that are shipped via US Mail. Check with a buyer in the Purchasing, Contracts and Auxiliary Services ("Purchasing") Department for instructions on how to ship materials to Newark.

One-Time Merchandise Pick-up/Will-Call Orders

On "will-call" orders, the Purchasing Department will process the purchase order (P.O.) and send the receiving report, along with the Vendor copy of the P.O. to the person/department picking up the merchandise. It is then the responsibility of that person to notify Accounts Payable of receipt so payment may be made. There are no backorders and no substitutions on one time purchases.

Return of Merchandise

All requests for merchandise to be returned will be made via e-mail by the requisitioner to the Purchasing Department. The items will remain with the requisitioner until the approval to return the items has been processed. Returns are shipped through the warehouse and all replacement merchandise will be shipped to the warehouse.

All Returns Must Go Through the Warehouse.

Do not return items directly to the vendor and do not accept direct delivery of replacement merchandise.


All district mailings are processed through the Mailroom. District mailings must have a department return address on the envelope.

  • First class mail is to be sealed by the department prior to pick up or delivery to the mailroom.
  • Pre-stamped envelopes are to be placed in the appropriate outgoing mail slot.
  • Third Class Bulk Mail (200 pieces or more) is used to process large volume mailings. This saves the department approximately 60 percent. For bulk mailings, departments are required to fill out a form.

Refer to the Central Services web page for additional information and services. No personal packages may be sent or received through the Ohlone College mailroom or warehouse.