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Note: Supplies are considered items which are consumable and/or under $1000. Typically a supply item is not repaired and has a limited life span. Supply items purchased en mass as a unit (such as tools bundled in a tool box) that exceed $1000 would be considered an equipment purchase.

Individual items costing $1000 ($500 for computers) or more including freight, installation, and tax are considered equipment and must be inventoried as fixed assets.

It is highly recommended that inexpensive furniture or other items that require assembly not be purchased. A work order must be submitted to Facilities Services and delivery will be delayed substantially. Such inexpensive furniture is usually not designed for commercial use and will not hold up to daily use.

Any furniture or equipment which does not comply with district standards will require the prior approval of the appropriate vice president.

Business Cards

All business cards are ordered through the Purchasing, Contracts and Auxiliary Services Department. Standard quantity is 250. Submit a Business Card Request Form to Cynthia Banuelos in the Purchasing Office.

Office Supplies

The District participates in the Foundation for California Community Colleges (FCCC) contract for office supplies. The current successful bidder is Office Depot. This contract provides outstanding discounts on a variety of office and school supply products.

Each campus department submits a requisition for its estimated annual purchases and a blanket purchase order is issued. Then, an on-line account is set up for each department at Office Depot. Requisitioners may purchase directly through the Office Depot web site by logging in to take advantage of the contract pricing. Desktop delivery usually occurs within 72 hours. Special additional discounts on commonly-used items, dubbed "Best Buys" (PDF) are available for additional savings. Please check the list to take advantage of these bargains. Furniture and equipment should be ordered on a separate requisition, not through the on-line blanket order. For more information contact Cynthia Banuelos at (510) 659-6127.

Check out the Best Buys (PDF) from Office Depot.

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