Types of Purchase Orders - Purchasing Policies and Procedures -Purchasing, Contracts and Auxiliary Services

Review of Requisitions

Whenever possible, program department purchasers should consolidate orders.

The Purchasing, Contracts and Auxiliary Services ("Purchasing") Department reviews all items purchased for:

  • Correct budget number/account coding
  • Correct approvals
  • Vendor selection
  • Complete, detailed description of materials or service
  • Legal compliance
  • Current pricing

Bid Items

The purchase of certain items listed below are required by Public Contracts Code 20650-20659 and 22000 to be made upon advertised bids awarded by the Governing Board:

  • Materials and services - In excess of $78,500 (adjusted annually by the Board of Governors)
  • Construction - In excess of $30,000

For further information please contact the Purchasing Department.

Blanket Purchase Orders

Blanket purchase orders fall under the following guidelines:

  • Repair and servicing of equipment and tools
  • Repeated equipment rental from one supplier
  • Utilities
  • Limited emergency
  • Regular repeated deliveries (such as uniform service, fuels, etc.)

Blanket purchase orders may be issued only when they are more effective than other purchasing methods. The Purchasing Supervisor must approve all blanket purchase orders.

Purchase Order Changes, Increases/Decreases

All purchase order increases or decreases must be submitted to the Purchasing Department on a paper requisition or by email from the budget manager. Paper requisitions require the same approvals and review as on-line requisitions. There is no "grace" amount for a purchase order change to exceed to avoid changing the purchase order. The purchase order must reflect the exact amount of the transaction.