Salespersons and supplier representatives shall promote their merchandise through the Purchasing, Contracts and Auxiliary Services ("Purchasing") Department. This does not preclude a department from requesting information directly from a vendor. Any department wishing to secure a product presentation or demonstration should invite a Purchasing Department representative to attend the presentation. This will expedite ordering of larger items.

Initiating a Purchase

Please refer to the Ohlone College Purchasing Desk Reference Guide for product information on standard items, particularly office furniture and computer related supplies. There is a wide selection of sustainable and recycled products.

Quotations and Demos

If desired, employees are encouraged to obtain price quotations and product information directly from vendor representatives. It must be made clear to the vendor that the information is for budget purposes only and there is no promise of a purchase. A written quote is always best, but verbal quotes can be acceptable from know vendors. Transmit the quote information along with a purchase requisition to the Purchasing Department. Purchasing will generally use this quote for comparison with other vendors to ensure the best price for the District.


Any form that requires a signature is usually a contract.

It is best to notify the Purchasing Department when asked to sign anything. If a product demonstration is requested, contact the Purchasing Department. Purchasing is authorized to accept deliveries, review agreement forms, and provide assistance in obtaining the demo.


Requisitions provide a vehicle for placing orders for supplies and services. They are NOTa payment mechanism for completed transactions.

Detailed, requisitions are submitted by the requesting department with all the proper approvals. Any supporting documentation, such as quotes, contracts, order forms, etc., must be sent to the Purchasing Department. Requisitions should contain a complete description of the items or services requested, a model number (if available), quantity and estimated price. Requisitions should be submitted at least two weeks in advance of the need and considerably longer for complex or large purchases. As stated above, requisitions are not to be submitted after-the-fact or to make a payment.


All purchase requisitions should be submitted to the Purchasing Department in advance.

Reviewing/Approval Sequence

The purpose of reviewing requisitions is to ensure compliance with district or restricted account requirements and to correct object codes or other discrepancies. REVIEWING IS NOT APPROVAL.

Review/Approvals are required in this order:

  1. All requisitions will be approved by the appropriate budget manager.
  2. If the budget is restricted or the requisition is for equipment (over $1000), it will be reviewed by Accounting Services.
  3. ALL computer hardware and software requisitions will be approved by the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in Ohlone College's Information Technology (IT) Services Department to determine support capabilities or if the item is available directly from IT Services.
  4. The Purchasing Supervisor approves all orders.

Due to state budget cuts, early restrictions for end of year purchases have been implemented. View the 2016-2017 Year End Purchasing Deadlines (PDF).

Requisitions will not be changed or canceled by the Purchasing Department without contacting the originator/budget manager.

Budget managers should routinely run reports in WebAdvisor to determine what requisitions are still outstanding.


All contracts in excess of $78,500 (for equipment or services) or $30,000 (for construction) must be bid and go to the Board for approval through the Purchasing Department PRIOR to the contract being let or work commencing.

Service Contracts

Contracts with outside vendors must be reviewed and approved by the Purchasing Department. Submit a requisition and forward the contract and any other documentation to the Purchasing Department. The Purchasing Supervisor reviews and signs all contracts.

Personal Service Contracts

A Personal Service Contract should be signed by the vendor and received by Purchasing Department two weeks prior to the engagement. A requisition should be created to request the contract. If a check is required at the time of service, a signed invoice should be included with the initial request. A W-9 is required for all vendors who provide a service. The invoice for services rendered should be reviewed by the responsible person in the department and signed "approved" and forwarded to Accounts Payable.

Contracts with employees of the District are prohibited. For services outside an employee's normal duties, please contact Human Resources for options.