Recording Studio Video Transcript - Music Department

Hi. I'm Tim Roberts from the faculty here at the Music Department at Ohlone College. I'm going to take this opportunity to give you a little tour of the Studio area. This is going to be of great importance to you whether you're a performer, and engineer, a songwriter or anything else here in the Music Department at Ohlone. Let's start with the Control Room.

Ohlone's Control Room is set up like most pro studios, in this case running a Mac Pro running Pro Tools in general, a good set of digital interfaces from Octane, and a whole lot of patching capabilities which will come in handy as I continue this tour. As you can see through this window, (there are) a number of adjacent rooms for tracking and for isolation. Let's walk through a couple of those.

Iso Room #1: usually used for vocals, acoustic instruments, guitars, upright bass sometimes,… Let's look into this room, you can see it's also patched to record a couple of grand pianos - a Steinway and a Kawai, depending on which would be right for the situation. Again, these are patched through that system in front of you.

Out to the main tracking room…. This also gets used for live rehearsals for combo ensembles and songwriter groups as well as (being) the big tracking room for the Studio. Drums, a couple of different amplifiers, a newer digital keyboard, a real good, old-fashioned Rhodes, good sightlines back into the Control Room. As you probably saw, the Control Room also had good sightlines into the piano room and the vocal room. But there's one more room after this….

So besides these rooms, this last room I'm taking you into is patched into the control room, but it's also a very, very quiet rehearsal room for smaller ensembles. It's also used for private lessons and extra overdubs into the main studio area.

So, there you go. I hope that gives you an idea of some on the possibilities that might await you if you come and make music with us at Ohlone. I'm Tim Roberts. Thanks.

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