Recycling - Facilities Department

The Facilities Department at Ohlone College is committed to a sustainable way of doing business. As a department, we recycle a number of materials including:

  • Landscape debris (including trees that have been removed) is shredded or chipped. It is left to cure in part of our open space area. Once it's been cured, it is used throughout the campus in landscape areas to minimize weeds and as a decorative touch. (Grounds)
  • Metal is recycled. We dispose of many types of metal from materials discarded due to a repair, old and damaged file cabinets to metal from the Scene Shop at the Smith Center. (Maintenance)
  • Single Stream plastic, cardboard, paper and aluminum cans are put in a separate bin for recycling.
  • Soil Spoils - We are in the process of green recycling in which we remove clean soil from construction areas and move it for uses somewhere else in the district.