Recycling at Ohlone College

Recycling symbol. Air, water, earth.

Recycling Procedure for the Fremont Campus

Help our under-staffed Facilities personnel keep our campus beautiful and environmentally sustainable by following these steps:

  1. Recycling is single stream, so paper, metal, glass, and plastic all go in the same bin.
    Recycling stream: All together now. Telephone books; glass and cans; mail, newspaper, magazines; food boxes; plastic bottles; cardboard.

  2. Little blue office bins* are not emptied by custodial staff. You are responsible for emptying your own small bin into the large, 50-gallon blue bins in the hallways.
    You empty small blue bins into large blue bins which are then emptied by Ohlone College custodians.

  3. Share your knowledge with your office mates and students!

* If you need a recycling bin in your office or hallway, please email Facilities at

Recyling at the Newark Campus

Newark campus recycling is by blue office bins** or recycling stations in the first and second floor lobby.

** If you need a recycling bin in your office or hallway, please email Facilities at

Reduce / Reuse / Recycle Facts

  • Ohlone College mugs.Re-using mugs or bottles every day reduces waste and saves more energy than recycling.

  • Plastic bottles are made from petroleum and increases our dependence on oil.

  • Plastic bottles contribute to a garbage patch in the Pacific Ocean the size of Texas. (Great Garbage Patch)

  • Plastic bottles leach chemicals. It was recently discovered the chemical BPA is absorbed by our bodies and does not leave.

  • Only approximately 12% of plastic bottles make it to the recycle bin.

Recycling at Home

Get is a list of what can be recycled at your home: Go to Recycling Wizard and select your city from the "What Can I Recycle Curbside?" drop-down box.